A few questions from a new Kiwi implantee - bricking, shipping, etc

Hey everyone!

As I assume a lot of people have, I started looking into LF/HF implants of my own after the Modern Rogue video with Deviant Ollam.
After a lot of research into applications and the implanting process, I decided on the Cyborg DT kit with an xNT and xEM, which I ordered a couple days ago.
So, here’s where my newbie questions begin, and I apologize in advance for any repeated questions, but I had trouble finding information from an NZ perspective:

  • How long does USPS First Class usually take to get to New Zealand?

Unfortunately I couldn’t afford Priority. I see ranges quoted between a week and three, but I have no idea what country those are going to. My order hasn’t shipped out yet, so I’m just curious and excited at the moment.

  • How difficult is it to find an installer in small towns?

I’m not too squeamish and I know basic aseptic procedure so I could probably do it myself with assistance, but a professional is always better. There’s piercing and tattoo shops here, but IIRC they’re fairly heavily regulated. Not to mention I still haven’t bothered to renew any of my forms of ID…

  • How likely is bricking an xEM with a cheap cloner, and where can I buy one, or a cheap Proxmark-like board?

I’ve heard of concerns of bricking xEMs with cheap cloners, but I’m a bit confused on the specifics. Does it merely lock you to only using that cloner until you remove the password with a Proxmark, or does it prevent you from even using the original cloner again? Due to the “human malware” going around, NZ Post has apparently stopped all flights in and out of China, which makes getting Proxmark-likes or even cheap cloners relatively difficult in NZ without spending upwards of $200, so I’m not sure where I would even buy either of them.

Thanks for any help, and the help I’ve already gotten from browsing the forum <3


I would highly recommend making sure your ID is valid, I’m not sure how things are over there but here in Canada no reputable piercing parlor will do any work if you do not have valid ID.

As for finding someone in a small town it really is mostly luck and how you approach things.
I live in a tiny ass town and while I couldnt find anyone local that would be willing I did find someone a short drive away that would be willing. Be polite and be ready to answer the many questions the professionals you chose to approach have.

Give this a read over while you are at it, it helped me alot when I was looking.


I’m sure he will be around soon but @Pilgrimsmaster is a fellow :kiwi_fruit: himself and is by far the most active and far reaching hand.

@Pilgrimsmaster any recommendations for getting installs in NZ?


Yeah, definitely the case here, which is why I once pierced my ear with a needle as a kid… :grimacing:

I should probably get it done at some point, but I don’t really want to drop $250 on a passport renewal then even more on an Access Card :stuck_out_tongue:

How bad would self (excluding assistance with tenting) implanting be? I’m not worried about the aseptic procedures, more about ensuring the right vertical angle + depth. I’ve seen some folks describe being able to tell they were at the right layer because advancing any more would cause pain, but the above layer had no pain.

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Here I am,

I will send you a PM with my contact details, I can give you a call to discuss if you like.
Otherwise I can post it all here… OTY