A little confused about writeable vs non writeable uids and which chip i need?

It looks like its either the next, xm1, or xmagic, but im lost. I cloned my badge to a keychain that i had used for skylanders years ago, i believe its a changeable uid 13.56 1k and that worked. Struggling to figure out the difference between these three, heres a quick scan from nfc tools

I also have this, but they seem contradictory? Not sure if i need 4 bytes or 16

i appears like a Mifare Classic 1k will do what you want.

What sort of Test equipment do you have?
Mifare Classic 1k gen1a?
Mifare Classic 1k gen2?


Looks like you are trying to use a PC, What is the software you are trying?

I’m sure there are tutorials online for this, but we should be able to help you out if you get stuck.

The first was tag info on my phone, the other came with my nfc reader, i think its like mifare tools or something like that. Acr122u i think. So i need the xm1? Originally i wanted the full lifestyle bundle but its out of stock, i assume because the xm1 is. Is that the only one that will do it?

WELL, YES and NO, But also YES

I think IF it is going to work, that WOULD have been a good choice.

The xM1 is no longer stocked, but it has been replaced by the newer and better xMagic.
This is you best/only xSeries option.

The next size up would be the FlexM1
You can choose gen1a or gen2

these are out of stock until The antenna has been revised
(Personally I think Amal should still sell his old FlexM1 stock, but NO, not Ol’ Mr. Sensible “I think there is a design flaw and they will eventually fail”)

So you could go larger with the FlexMT, and it is an absolutely amazing performer.


after all that, I would suggest you get yourself a magic test card pack, and practice first on some cards before an implant

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That does look like an awesome tool to have but im having trouble finding a set in NA, shipping from europe costs more than the cards. Ill cpntinue looking,maybe pick up a few tags and make the set myself. However i do know that a writeable uid lf 1k tag i had laying around did work on the door. I do believe they were gen 1.

If you’re not in a rush, aliexpress has basically everything. A 5 pack of T5577s is ~$4 w/shipping, a 10 pack of Mifare Classic 1k cards is $7 w/shipping, and once you get the keywords down, you should be able to find most anything RFID related.

The only catch is the 10-60 day delivery window.

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Yeah that was kind of the plan, found a few so far on amazon. I was kind of hoping to snag something for black friday, but so far im not seeing anything so i guess i have time

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