A plan for Hector

Dear forum, and especially @teamhensler,

Things are not going well with Hector, and there seems to be no improvement. Hector’s current path is likely to lead to yet another ban, possibly permanently. That said, he clearly has interest and enthusiasm. If he can be guided into a more productive channel, it might be to our eventual benefit. I propose that, if he accepts certain bounds and conditions, that he be mentored into a more productive path.

Hector, I am offerring to get you started, and teach you as much as I can. Be warned! I am a harsh taskmaster and will expect to obeyed if you choose to accept this. There will be rules and conditions of my choice and these will likely upset you. I still expect them to be followed.

If you follow through and learn from what myself, and likely other forum members have for you, then you will stand a good chance of becoming a valued member of this forum.

The choice to accept or not is yours. Just be sure before you decide. This won’t be easy or fun for either of us.



Step 1. Quit posting identifying information.


I’ve actually got a plan for him. First some rules, then some assignments. I think with some intense one on one I can get him up to a basic standard.

Like I said though. Not gonna be fun for anyone.
Lets see what Hector chooses.


To my dirty mind, this sounds quite like something I’d love to agree to :wink:

Fun aside, I like your idea and hope he takes his chance!


This sounds like an idea but…

Why do strangers on the Internet need to do this.

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Cause I was a young dumb obnoxious kid once. What I could have been if someone had made this offer to me…


Was thinking the same thing. Wish I had even a slight mentor growing up.


Fair enough, I mean I get that but still could be taken out of context.


I recon some research projects would be good to focus him. He wants to be a programmer so maybe point him at some stuff for ios/android apps

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Please don’t get me ban Love this community what can I do to not get ban please because I want to help other people give them my opinion.

The question is, do you just want to avoid the ban, or do you want to be taught. I am offerring to teach you, but it’s gonna be really hard.

Whether you get banned or not is not up to me. I’m just offerring to make you a better community member. It will be hard for you, but Im sure you can learn alot this way.


I want to be better member On the community because I want to give feedback to other people in the community and help people with their problem.

I want to avoid the ban

For now, I want you to not post anything until later tonight. I will be creating some ground rules and getting you started on an assignment.

Stick to the plan, and everything should work out well.


Oooh, this should be fun. Would be fun if you made some materials public if you’re thinking of mini-projects.

Read as much as you can until you are kinda able to help new users.
That’s how I try to give back to the community.

For programming projects that have to do with implants, maybe get an NFC reader and start playing around with some chips?
I mean you could setup a login and everything else (except vivokey stuff) without an implant!

A password manager with NFC chip as master key maybe?



As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, @ODaily

I mean… to flag any post in the one and only thread it doesn’t matter as “off topic”… it really feels like mission impossible… seriously… good luck.


Years ago I had this chinese crested hairless dog. Go on, google it.

Anyways he was incredibly smart and always getting into shit. I actually saw hime move furniture around in the kitchen so he could jump from box to chair and into the trash can so that he could tip it over and ride it to the ground.

Basically one day I decided I was either gonna have to teach him something or arrange for an accident.

Turned into the best dog Ive ever had.


It your dog