Advice about anesthesia

Hello all,

I will soon have my flexMT, FlexNext and microbank chip installed.
What is your idea about the anesthetic for this?
The toughest legal available here are Rapydan patches. (See picture)

What is your idea about it and does anyone have experience with it ?

First hold off on the flexnext, read up on it, it needs rework as it’s failing

Second have you had anything implanted before?
I just had a payment flex installed in addition to my various x series, I’d say it was about 30% worse but still managed fine with no pain meds

Here ya go buddy

Maybe try DTs gel?

It’s pretty much whatever that rapydan is - Lido/tetra. Can’t vouch for Rapydan’s percentage, though, i suspect it’s not 5%/5%.

Hi, the rapydan should contain 70mg lido and 70mg tetra.
Although I don’t know what that corresponds to and what you still feel.

Would that be mg/g? If so it should be a bit stronger than DT’s cream. It’ll definitely help with a Flex install.


I think it is mg/g.