All my biomagnet research and dev made public

If you found this thread researching magnet implants and are looking for a general public introduction look there first. This is gonna be a bit technical.

I realized I never got to write this thread even though I mentioned the repo here a while ago.

I spent 2-3 years of my life exploring the possibilities of magnetic implants in sensory augmentation/substitution, AR, VR and gaming.
This started as an on and off hobby at home and eventually lead to a six month funded research in a well known french tech lab where I was given the means to push things further.

This involved a couple software projects mostly using Unity, backed with custom electronic devices. A paper was written too but a lack of test subjects, time and “ethical concerns” stopped it from ever being published.

It’s been a while now since I worked on any of this and life has taken some unexpected turns. But I thought I would release all this work hopping to inspire and serve as a foundation for other magnet freaks :grin: Anyway here are a couple years of my life in a repo:
[Warning, I take no responsibility for the function and veracity of anything in here. Don’t trust me, in fact prove me wrong if you can!]

Index (start here):


Things you will find:
An unfinished AR maze-game (Unity) utilizing stereo biomagnet feedback for navigation.
A biomagnet multi-tool including the app (Unity) and physical device prototypes.
The lab research including presentations, data, paper and a Unity - Leap Motion haptic feedback demo. A virtual scene can be “toutched” using real time hand tracking and magnetic field modulation.

Where I’m at today:
First of all I regret none of this. This fascination gave me so many opportunities in my career that my life would have been much different without it.
Secondly I still firmly believe biomagnets have a huge potential in the fields of haptics, sensory substitution and AR. I might not be working on this full time but I do have some long term plans in the works. I’m just taking things slower and a bit at a time.

One big drawback at the time I was doing this was the lack of test participants and of audience for a potential product. In the meantime the Titan came out solving many issues with previous biomagnets and implants have gained in popularity.

One way in which I’m continuing development for implants is this. A project I’m not rushing in, which has a clear roadmap and that should serve as a platform to revive some of the ideas from my research if it develops a userbase. But most of all it involves no pressure and no expectations. If you want to help me out you can give feedback and download it when the day comes. I’m also interested in Android java dev and/or NFC expertise.

I think this is the right time to give a big thanks to this community and DT. You have helped more than you think :wink: