Alternative all-in-one decoder and copier?


I’m wondering if anyone knows of any other an all-in-one device that has the ability to decode and copy HF tags and cards much like the flipper zero?

Ideally it would have its own power source (battery) and be able to clone to magic chips.

I’ve been doing some research and admittedly haven’t found all that much. Can you make any affordable suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Maybe the ChameleonTiny :thinking:.
But what’s wrong with the Flipper Zero?

@Az_F has been working on some android apps, maybe they can help you out?

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Android is definitely affordable, has its own battery, and can theoretically clone magic.
Although I aim to support as many technologies as possible with ZINC I’m limited by what the hardware and OS allow so some edge cases won’t be covered. In addition, it’s under development, and unless a hundred of you join the Patreon it’s not my job so things will take time :sweat_smile:
I plan on releasing a limited test version this month to the early testers. Also, the wiki is more and more complete every day: Home · AxelFougues/ZINC-public-resources Wiki · GitHub

I don’t know if you have a specific usecase but you can look around the existing apps while waiting for ZINC


Thank you guys

Just to elaborate a little, I’m looking for something that has the capability to decode and write the decoded dump to my XM1. I don’t want to have to find a laptop or computer to hook my Proxmark up to everytime I need a quick change.

Android, which is what I have, doesn’t allow apps to write to section 0 assuming you have a Gen 2 card or implant.

The reason is basically cost and supply problems. In the UK Flippers are hard to get and exceptionally expensive. Since I’m only after a fraction of the capabilities I was hoping there might be something to fit my requirements without hurting my pocket.

I did browse the chameleon tiny, but if I understand things it does not write decoded/cracked dumps (?).

Might there be a app that utilizes a USB card reader that would do the job essentially externally?

I hope I’m making sense.

Flipper does what you want and has a great interface.

Chameleon Tiny is great, i have one for sale in the lounge, but i upgraded because i wanted something more Powerful.

PM3 Easy hits your buttons but battery.

Look at the Proxmark 3x. Its what i picked up. All the features of a PM3 Easy, has a battery, and you can connect to it via Bluetooth (Although the app is outdated and claims it wont run it still does on the newest android.). I followed @amal guide on getting started with the Proxmark to update it and set it up. Works great for my use case. half the price of a flipper, shipping was a pain though.

I would offer to buy a US based flipper and send to you if you feel that is worth the saving If any.

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I think MCT does that already. I haven’t implement it myself yet but I haven’t seen anything in the docs that stops me from doing so. Do you have a link or something about that?

Yep, it does.

Gen2 I use MCT
Gen1a I use Flipper

ChameleonTiny Ultra
I’m not 100% but I think it also writes

iCopy is another option

But I think your cheapest option would be a build your own

Something like this

I would still highly reccomend the Flipper for you, so if you can wait to get the cash together, i dont think youll be disappointed.
Super capable, super portable, super easy to use


I managed to write to a gen1a card using an android device and acr122u card reader.

First i used mct to create the dump to a bin file by reading the card with the phone. Then i used rfid tools app by rfid research group (available on play store) to import the bin file and clone the uid and sectors to a gen1a card using acr122u card reader plugged into a usb c otg connector on the phone.

Im not in a situation to explain very eloquently right now but hope it makes sense.


I’m not seeing it, mind sharing a screenshot of the app icon?

Probably this one

You can also look at


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Thank you pilgrim, yes thats the correct rfid tools app.

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he likely will have to get the APK from Github because Playstore wont allow new phones on the current android download as it says it isnt compatible.

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That is exactly the reason I was unable to find it.

yeah, you can get the outdated APK directly from their Git and it runs fine. i ran into the same issues.

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Thanks for that. Android is not my daily phone so I’m always a bit rusty when working with it and probably wouldn’t have figured out how to get them if you hadn’t pointed that out.

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