Alternatives for the KBR1 RFID Reader

So the TLDR is I meant to order the KBR1 RFID but I forgot to. I am in Canada and cant be bothered to pay import on something again… Is there an alternative that anyone knows of that I may be able to get? All I want it for is a windows 10 login…


I use a RFideas wave ID nano, it’s a little usb dongle that works just like a kbr1… has a * few more settings but mostly the same

It only costs like 6-8x as much tho… sorry :sweat_smile::joy:

If your interested I’ll post model number it took me to cracks to figure out

There are plenty of cheap options also, but it will depend on what implant you want to use with it and what form factor you want

Does it automatically input uid as a keyboard like the kbr1 or?

I have one Option that might be also available in other countries…
Just search for ELATEC TWN4 - that one is quite often used for installing at Lexmark/Kyocera Printers for RFID Authentication - then it hast the manufacturer Label on the frontpanel.

I am sure that it will be cheaply available also in canada (just search for >>elatec twn<<).

I know that there are different readers available that ONLY support 125kHz or ONLY 13,56MHz, but the TWN4 is a Multi-Reader that has both options.
I bought some in Germany for around 20 Euro - thats something around 28 Canadian Dollars.
That might be an Option…

After you bought one, you can download the Software from elatec to Program the Reader/Update Firmware to setup what he should read and how it will be presented to the USB-interface.
So you can Swipe your Badge and the Interpreter on the Reader will send the UID and a Keystroke or extra Buttons to the PC - thats really nice :smiley:

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Holy hell, I’m seeing them listed for $150 in Canada. Seems like you got a steal… I’m a locksmith and one side of the company does access control so I may see if any of our suppliers carry it.

Thanks for the suggestion! It looks really neat!

Oh no - i didn´t have the time to search for them yesterday - $150 is WAY tooo much for that.

But maybe you will find one as bargain in the next moments - as i know they are often rebranded to Lexmark, Kyocera, Nuance and so on. Hopefully one seller would also include the OEM Manufacturers Model into the description, then you will make a catch!

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