Altspace VR Microchip Chat

Come and get an introduction on the next level of identification in our first presentation about cybernetic implants for humans. For hours in your timezone open this link: Microchip Implants - Pt 2 | AltspaceVR


Well I would join if I wasn’t running around dealing with last minute details

Goddamit. That’s literally exactly when I have a group therapy session, exactly at that time and no longer. 1:30pm-2:30pm my time exactly. Couldn’t have timed it better if I tried. Hopefully there’ll be a VoD I can watch later?

Oooo, you just gave me something to do while I wait for a delayed flight

aww, I missed it. How’d it go?

Im not super familiar with the platform, but is there a way to follow someone or subscribe to all their events. I keep seeing the announcements after they happen!

Head to the Dangerous Announcements category and ring the bell. (This post we’re talking in is actually in that category.)


You can also “subscribe” to specific threads, in the same same but different manor.

This one for example, go to the bottom of the thread, and you will see your “subscription” options

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We will also get better at posting well before the event in the future


depends on the time maybe i can make it this week.
I must get the train at 5:11 am