Anesthetic patches / ointment does not work

I have one of those conditions that make local anesthetic much less effective.
What that means for me is that things like topical ointments do not work and injections have a shorter period of time in which they are effective / I need more to get the same effect.

Having said that, how are you using the topicals? Most topical lidocaine stuff needs 2-3hrs before you are at optimal efficiency, also was the patch properly sealed, I believe that you need the area to be fully occluded for the whole 2-3hrs to get the effects with most of the topicals as well.

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Oops, no it was only half an hour as described in the leaflet.

This might also be worth a quick read

Get yourself a large tube, apply it thick and cover with clingfilm taping all the edges down tight. Leave it on for 2-3hrs then try should be golden :slight_smile:

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As I understand it, there not targeted at surgery so the recommendations are for numbing the surface nerves, it takes much longer for it to “soak in” deep enough to make an impact on something like this.

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Basically @Devilclarke said but with more in depth details on using lidocaine cream:

Also worth noting, if you can get it to work, don’t expect to lose all sensation. It’ll take away the pain but not the pressure, so it’ll still feel odd!


For me applying lidocaine on top of the skin does not really work (i tryd cream and patches) - it also depends where i did it (mucouse membranes works fine, lower arms hands and so on not really)

so i mostly do lidocaine injections and that worked 100% for me (if you hit the right spot with the injection :upside_down_face:)

Also lidocaone injections are damn cheap in Germany (10x 2ml 0,5% about 5€) so they are my #1 go to


Im not a Doctor, just some random idiot from the internet, remember that!

is that too freely for sale there?


I’m wondering that too…
I know that not many piercers/bodymod artists use injections in germany due to their use being illegal for non-medically licensed people. They are usually used after closing time of the shop in a backroom. So I’m surprised that they are actually legal to purchase.

Its legal to purchase but you re not allowed to use it at other people afaik

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Hmm weird :rofl:
Then I’d just take the syringe from the installer and inject it myself :rofl:

Just come pre numbed :smiley:

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That’s what I’m planning to do for my walletmor, but I’ll used Emla patches. I’ve got 2, maybe I should try one before to make sure they work for me :thinking:

(8 year validity is awesome btw)

here 1% if you want

and here some patches

Well I’ve got 2 patches already so I guess I’ll just use those.
They are the same as the ones you just posted, but I bought them on amazon :sweat_smile:
But I was disappointing when they arrived because they replaced the AstraZeneca logo with one of their subcompanies, I wanted to meme the AstraZeneca name on the box soooo hard :rofl:

I did my walletmor equivalent without anything, only part that hurt was getting the needle thru the skin, and that was only slightly worse than a regular

Pain is subjective though

I would refer to myself as pretty pain resistant. Got all my implants (except for the silicone biomagnet) without anesthetics and a 10+ hours tattoo session isn’t a problem either. Maybe it would actually feel more comfortable without anesthetics. I don’t really like the feeling of numbness. Now I’m not sure if I should use an Emla patch :thinking:

Did you use lube?