Any chance of getting ahold of some reject chips?

Planning on getting and installing my chips this week

Xsiid with led

Would be really interested in getting a hold of a defective/unusable/non sterile copy of each chip to have a physical example to show people

I have to assume there are rejects or lemons that don’t survive the sealing process

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Haha I would love one too, it would be amazing to be able to show people to help explain what it actually is :joy:

I can’t speak for DT but if it were me I’d tell you no for liability reasons. What happens when someone installs them anyways and it fails?

That being said, you could 3D print some if you want to show size (Free 3D-printed implant models for placement puzzles)

Or you could get X field detectors for cheap and cut the chip out. This will look the part and function with the led when you pass the phone nearby

There are plenty of images of implants out there on the internet - with fingers or objects next to the object for scale. What’s wrong with that?

Anyway, if you want something physical to show people, get yourself an X Field Detector: that’s exactly what you want - a chip unsuitable for implanting taped to a plastic card.

You can also buy pet microchips for about $10 if you want a functional of chip to show off. But the X FD seems better in almost every way.

To be honest, I have been interested in putting one in the bottom of my foot, for science. (Thanks @anon3825968 for the idea) I would have no use for it, but it is hard to bite the bullet for something like that.

What are you talking about? I’m not sure I understand what you’re proposing

Please explain
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Those talking about 3D printing and images… sure that’s all well and good, but as humans we have an instinctual desire to see and touch with our own eyes and hands… it makes it more real

Bad, bad idea. I would like to do it too (and I have a genuine use for it - three actually) but I won’t, because I know what forces I subject my soles to. A glass chip wouldn’t last long without breaking there, and I’m pretty sure a Flex chip would die in short order too.

Remember, it’s recommended to avoid implanting things in your hand in and around gripping areas. Well, think of your soles as gripping the ground with the full force of your body weight at each step (and if you’re a long-time barefooter, it’s actually a pretty accurate comparison).

It’s not a good place for an implant. Like, at all…

Is this what you mean when you say “Talking about 3D printing” ?

Would these not be enough to


Does it allow one to get a good sense of actual size? Sure

But it doesn’t scratch the itch to sit there and really examine something

You can pull up diagrams, and pictures, and descriptions of mechanisms or systems, but sometimes you just gotta tear something apart

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Grab yourself an xFD

Basically an xSeries facsimile

or an xEM if you want to see a chip in resin filled glass rather than an LED in hollow glass

On those pics, the mid to med arch. Or the line between mid met, to med met. I also feel I could put it where Rosco wants to on top.

In all fairness, I never said it was a good idea. It would just be to hunor me.

I do yoga barefoot and that is about it. I usually wear sandles for outdoor stuff. I stepped in a hornet nest when I was a child and I refuse to go barefoot unless I have to. I have a pretty good arch in my foot. So even if I was barefoot, where I would put it, wouldn’t strike the ground unless I am running or walking on rocks/sand.

That would never happen

Correct. I wouldn’t ever consider plan to go running barefoot over that stuff.

Maybe on a white sand beach someplace along the ocean. But I hate the oceans, so they are not high up on my visit list.