Any current developments in Crypto Wallets for the Vivo Key Spark 2?

It’s been a while so I decided to check in and see how everyone’s doing and ask a few questions about the Vivo Key Spark 2, You see my end goal is to have a Cold Storage Wallet for most of my Crypto Funds (Mainly BTC) In a secure implant like the Vivo Key Spark 2…

So I’m curious if anyone has developed or started working on a Cold Storage Wallet for the Spark2 yet?

If not could I possibly store a Paper Wallet Key in a secure way in the Spark2’s Storage but still be able to use it for other tasks like unlocking my PC or sharing my Profile?

I’m also curious if there’s any Documentation for developing applications for the Vivo Key Platform, Can’t seem to be able to find any myself…

As always any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated thanks! - BioHacker101

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Did you check out THIS Vivokey webpage with some api info


No, Thanks for the link!

But I’m slightly confused, In order to gain access to the Vivo Key API I would need to partner with Vivo Key, I thought the chip was Open Source am I wrong?

Still either way it’s a very exciting platform, The article about the Vivo API mention the ability to receive and send Crypto Transactions has any Organization, Company, or Individual tried to Develop something like this and use it out in the wild?

Like is there any Vivo Key Applet Page or Repo’s for Vivo Key Projects or are we still in the very early days when it comes to real world applications?


You can also check this out @BioHacker101. I save a backup of my cold storage on my NeXT using BIP encryption.

Cold Storage on a NeXT


Thanks, For some reason your thread never pooped up in my search for info on this subject, Anyways that’s definitely an option but will something similar be possible with the Vivo Key Spark 2?

Also I read somewhere that some support/development was happening with the Green Address Wallet is that still being worked on?

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Partnership is not required, only that you have a VivoKey profile. Once you are set up, scan into the VivoKey app, go to your profile settings, Advanced tab, and you can create a new “Custom Application” which is what gives you a new client ID and client secret for your OpenID Connect application. You can create as many as you want.

A partner would have the added advantage of being able to also have a custom logo for the OIDC service and some additional branding opportunities.

The Apex chip is coming, and this is the only chip that can run applets. The Spark cannot run applets. At the bottom of the Apex chip page there are various applets we are working on, as well as a link to the Fidesmo applet store which has applets from other vendors you can deploy as well.


Thanks for clearing all that confusion up, I guess I was confusing applets with custom applications, Do you know if there’s any official or community made lists of “Custom Applications” for the Spark-2,

And what Programming Language is used in-order to create Custom Apps for the Spark-2?

Also is it even worth getting/developing for the Spark-2 now that the Apex is coming sometime in the near future?

Anyways thanks for taking the time to answer my questions I truly appreciate it!