Cold Storage for Crypto on Implants?

Does anyone else use any of there chips as cold storage wallets for BTC? It would be nice if we could see some work done in the Monero field.

Currently I’m using Mycelium as the app for accessing and decoding the BIP-38 encryption. I generated my BTC private key with BIP-38 and my output was entered dumped unto my NeXT. By scanning my hand I can access my cold storage :).

Can’t wait for the new Apex line!


if anyone’s interested in seeing a video of it I can throw one together.


Sounds like some good learnings, i’m interested :+1:

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Give me 10 and I will post a guide with video. It had been done years ago with the help of @amal and #DT for Martijn Wismeijer. I pulled enough info on the interwebs to piece together how it was done and it worked :slight_smile:


@Pilgrimsmaster, @anon67519447

So just quick and dirty run down:

Generated a Bitcoin wallet on
Took my private key copied it and went to my “Wallet Details”
Enter your private key select encrypt with BIP-38 write passphrase and encrypt
Scroll down copy BIP-38 hash and open NFC TOOLS PRO
Go to write scroll to Bitcoin in the BTC field only write your BIP key nothing else
Write it

Mycelium is required on the device your using to access your cold storage.

Disclosure this should be NOT be followed to a tee this is a simple dirty concept. Keys and encryption should be done solely OFFLINE!


Happy with quick and dirty :+1:

Appreciated, Thanks