My first Crypto Currency experience and recommendation

First and foremost, I am no expert

Do not take this as financial advice

Only put in what you can afford to loose

I have been dabbling with crypto currencies for a couple of months now and it was quite the learning curve ( There is still a lot to learn )

One of the most important things to do, is to find the best wallet that suits your purposes, and that is what this post is about.
The following is purely from my experiences, and I can only comment on the ones I have tried:

Trust Wallet


I could give a breakdown on each of these, but in the interest of time saving ( me writing, you reading ) I am simply going to give you my recommendation and justification


I singled this one out for a number of reasons:-

  • The UI is very easy to use
  • I could buy some currencies on that I couldn’t buy with my second favourite wallet (Trustwallet).

The biggest selling point for me was the Bonus “functions”

  • Crypto dust (which converts small balances into the own currency CRO )

  • Supercharger ( invest CRO for 45 days then the next 45 days receive reward payments in other currencies [ currently Shiba SHIB @ ~20%, previous 45 days was Enjin Coin ENJ @ ~24% , previous to that Doge DOGE @ ~5.4% …]

  • Crypto CreditCard backed by Visa ( Load with CRO )

and further rewards below, go to the website to view

To be eligble for the card you have to provide proof of address and have purchase and hold USD$375 of CRO for 180 days, after that you receive the metal card and postage for free and you can remove / move the funds , make purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM

  • Crypto earn ( If you own a Crypto Credit Card you earn and are paid weekly at varied percentages; Card level, term and currency dependent ( about 30 to choose from ) eg Ruby level card; 3 months CRO @6%pa, ETH 4.5%pa, BNB 2%pa; 1 Month CRO @4%pa, ETH 3.5%pa, BNB 1%pa)

  • 2% “cash back” CRO paid for Credit Card purchases


If you are interested in jumping on board, you can of course simply just download the App, However, although I don’t want to be seen as Soliciting, But If I offer you my referral code, and you end up getting a Credit Card, we both get USD$25 CRO credit as soon as you sign up for any Credit Card , or you can get a referral code from somewhere else, you have options…

Manual adding of my referral code

Auto adding of my referral code :arrow_heading_down:

Naked app links ( No referral )
Play Store

App Store


Next step is to register
You will need:-
An email address ( I set up a dedicated email that I use for all Crypto transactions, so it is easy to manage / monitor )
Provide ID

To get registered can take anywhere from 5mins to 1.5 weeks…but recently it has been more in the 5-10min time frame

To make your first purchase you will need to add a credit card

Depending on your credit card company, when you try your first purchase, you may have the payment blocked and may also receive a phone call from their fraud department to confirm your purchase, after that, their should be no issues.

To get a crypto credit card you will need to add proof of address


If you start getting some significant sums in your wallet, you probably want to move your funds to somewhere with more security rather than leaving it in the wallet:
There are a few options here, app is a centralised wallet, but conveniently they also have a decentralised wallet app in the form of Defi Wallet
Links if you want them
Play Store

App Store

Cold Storage
I actually have a Ledger Nano X due imminently otherwise I would be moving my funds to the Defi Wallet.

Ledger actually have a good deal at the moment with the Nano S starter pack , which is cheaper than the X and you get:-
a beginner’s guide in PDF format with ultimate tips and tricks, and a 25$ voucher -mailed 14 days after purchase- for you to buy your favourite crypto!

Again, there are other options


Now lets get a little more Cyborgy!!!

Can I get a conversion done on the CreditCard??? …How awesome would it be to be able to pay by crypto with you hand :interrobang:
Unfortunately not, the fact that it is a metal car and also the EMV chip…But maybe one day

And hopefully we get a cold storage wallet option on Vivokey

But what we can do now is, save Login Details and / or Passphrases on our implants as NDEF messages
(I would also suggest you keep a hardcopy of your Passphrase somewhere safe and secure)

Some fellow Biohackers Crypto suggestions:-


My prediction…Literally a guess, that could become a big player in the crypto game and also their CRO strong contender as a major currency.

With Crypto.coms backing by Visa

SImple sign up, attach credit card, buy crypto THAT SIMPLE

That simple sign up factor and easy loading of funds you can start paying by crypto , I see it as an easy transition for people previously unsure or confused, it now becomes easy to adopt and understand.

They have other functions, such as finance section where you can borrow money / crypto ( I would never do this, but as a financial company, a strong asset for money making.

The “term investment” / staking as other investment options

They have their own Currency CRO.


Anyway, Like I said, that is my view, I am certainly no expert, and I could be completely wrong.

In Summary, out of the other crypto wallets I have Tried SOFAR has been my preferred choice

I think that is everything, and I hope it helps somebody else out here. If I think of anything else, I will update the thread, but any questions I will try to answer but should also be able to answered on the website