Payment card wearable conversion?

I’ve run out of obvious implant space on my preferred hand, but want to convert a VISA card into a wearable payment device. In my head is to take a VISA (metal, contactless chip) and somehow convert it into a ring or wristband, perhaps taking advantage of the payment conversion service from DT.

Biggest hurdle seems to be that the card isn’t plastic, so unsure of how to dismantle it, and then the chip seems like it’s more complicated to convert (based on language from this post, which mentions that the card has an EMV chip).

I’m aware of McLear and others in the space, but would really like to use the card for crypto-related reasons.

Any ideas out the gate?

Guess what I am currently working on…
I am loving my VISA

Anyway I have 3 to Sacrifice
I will try one myself
the other 2 I will send to Amal to practice on Or send him the extracted one if he prefers, then I will send him my upgrade card, I am just waiting on CRO to pump back up. ( A great time to buy though )

They are metal and have a COM chip so it is not a certainty at the moment for our specific cards, but at least we know it is technically possible

So if I can extract one, I will start the process with AMAL and Satur9

Looking at the cards, they are a laminate structure and if you look closely, there is a seam along the edge, I am not sure what is used for adhesion, which is where the delay lies at the moment…I have some ideas

I have a few other projects to get through, but it is on my list.
Amal is super busy at the moment, otherwise, I would have made some progress and planted the seed with him, so when he is all settled, expect an update

I will be making a post if I am successful, but anyway that’s where I am at for now

Ready to go


That’s really awesome to hear! That CoM chip conversion looks really nice, could slip that into a bracelet/wristband pretty easily, or flex-implant it.

Excited for updates, and I’ll experiment on my card once it arrives.

Totally the plan.

How much longer do you have to wait?..6 months was a long wait, but when I got my first one, I checked it out and made sure it did what I wanted and how I wanted, then applied for the upgrade and they sent it out within a couple of weeks…My conversion will be on my next upgrade, (if it is possible)

They are a 5 year expiry if you are not aware

What do you have and where?

I’ve managed to squeeze quite a few in one hand

I don’t know! Just signed up, will start the process tonight. Fingers crossed it’s pretty quick, I guess I’ll start with the cheapest card and upgrade later!

6 Months Buddy ( 180 days )

How long have you been on

I like the idea of paying with Crypto, but it is using Visa as the backbone, so not true crypto payment, I would call it “Crypto Hybrid”

The entry level blue card is actually PVC, which seems pretty promising. I wonder if one can get the physical blue card and then upgrade it to the better cards without getting a new number/hardware?

totally. i started my biohacking journey with the intent to pay with crypto, but obviously we’re still getting there. ended up attaching nfts to my chip, though, which has been a big hit:

That’s not going to happen unfortunately, but would be awesome if it was possible


Matt Condon has a chip in his hand that dispenses rare, digital matt stickers… but only if you find him IRL.

Very cool, I don’t have any NFTs… now I need to hunt you downtrack you down… find you and get get myself a Matt Sticker

I found out that ledger has been also talking to visa and starting it’s own debit card too. Seems little more promising than the crypto com card too since it’s not just prepaid card that you need to fuel every time you want to use it. LEDGER-POWERED CRYPTO LIFE “CL” CARD

Even tho this is not perfect either

I just started my second round of waiting for the card. Last time was 2-3 Months but looking at their current work load it might really take closer to 6 Months this time around.

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Thanks for that, I wasn’t aware, but I just had a look, There are a bunch of other reasons I why still like the card over the ledger card, but the direct crypto payment on Ledger is good, although it is still Visa based.

I have been really happy with my C.C card and in general. I tried out a whole bunch and it is my preferred one.
I’ll keep an eye on the ledger card and when it is released I’ll see how it compares.
I’m currently getting “Free” NetFlix and “Free” Spotify and plus I am getting 10% Free CRO daily and also 5% free weekly on another bunch and 3% cashback on purchases and a variable amount of random currencies ( supercharger ) as and when they mature, free airport lounge passes ( I haven’t tried yet )
My next upgrade I still get Netflix, Spotify etc but also " Free" Amazon, and I think Daily goes up to 12% and 5% cash back…
I am really happy with it, so It would take A LOT for Ledger to entice me across, but as it is not available yet, they seem to be light on details.

I truly hope there were some community members that used my referral and jumped in when I did, but if not I still think now is still a good time to join in this current slump

Is that for Ledger or

Totally agree with you on this. They got many very good perks that I use too on monthly basis. Mainly I don’t like to hold my money on exchanges and this is what the ledger would most likely have solution for. Even tho I can move assets quickly there’s couple of steps to do that.

Crypto com. I’m on the waiting list for the ledger card also.

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Fair point, I have a Ledger and Barely use it, basically because it doesn’t hold ALL my currencies, but I should move the ones I can… Better to risk losing some than ALL

Oh bummer, This is too late to help you out, but for anybody else reading.

If you want to upgrade, and you are close to your 180 day period, one option is to just wait out until you hit 180 days, then upgrade straight away, you won’t get charged an upgrade fee because the card won’t have been sent out, then after that upgrade is faster, a mater of days -to weeks ( though your money is still staked for another 180 days), but the upgrade gets actioned and you get a virtual card “straight away”, whilst you wait for the physical card to arrive in a few weeks

My first time upgrading so will be keeping this in mind for the next one :blush: New virtual card with benefits was available after 2 days. Card might take a while to come but I have Curve so no problem waiting. The staking lock period of course a different thing but I have only small amount of capital invested my own money on that upgrade (because of the last rise of the price).

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Possibly not. Me and two people around me just signed up within the last two months and all three of our cards arrived within 3-4 weeks so hopefully you’re waiting less than a month.

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Lucky buggers…My mate actually signed up a couple of weeks after me, and he got his card about 3-4 weeks before I got mine, but I also did an upgrade around the same time so…

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Yeah my brother, one of the two people I spoke of, signed up a week after me and got his a week before me, give or take, I was spewin’. But he lives closer to the city so I put that down to postage delays more than’s manufacturing time.

How long ago did you sign up? And what tier did you upgrade to, jade/indigo?

All in all I think they’ve stepped up manufacturing with their latest media campaigns. Wouldn’t be smart to spend millions to do deals with the F1 and all those football/soccer teams if new customers had to wait several months for their new cards.

Also, 100% I hope this project goes the distance, would love to implant my crypto card.

How is it contactless if it’s metal?

June last year

I initially got the Ruby, just to see what it was all about, try it out, learn the ins and outs and check feasibility of a card conversion.
During the wait I have been really impressed by all things, so I upgraded to Indigo.
I will get the Icy White once CRO increases value back towards where it was after this slump.