Any experience with cosmetic surgeon installs

Nice! What did you get installed an apex? Sorry if I missed it!

Lol, nah. He got a custom payment implant. Even fragger isn’t getting the Apex, yet


I will let you know how it goes if it all works out for me.

@Pilgrimsmaster, were you the other one who looked at purewrist? I ordered mine today, and I hope @amal will be able to do his magic on it. I think the owner called to thank me and let me know they will be going live within 10 days. And it should ship shortly after.

What I was getting at is I plan to approach a plastic surgeon as I cannot seem to find local who does scalpel work.

Edit: also asked how I found them.

Yeah I looked at it, but @Satur9 ordered one “for fun”

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He asked why I ordered one if I remember the question correct. I just said it would be nice to have contactless pay. Kinda a weird question.

Could you gut it and get it implanted? Like the micro credit cards, but different?

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I just want magic done to it. I don’t want the owner thinking I am ordering it to implant. That would dangerous

Kinda similar situation in Japan. Also some “incidents” made regulations on poking people very hard.
But a piercer with a 12g needle can do the trick, probably even more efficient than a surgeon. As long as he follows the guidelines.

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Yeah, Ian seemed like a good guy. I think they’re surprised that people want it for personal use, especially considering the culture around contactless in the US thus far. I think they’re original market was event venues and the like. Good to hear that they’re launching soon. I haven’t been keeping an eye on it. We should start a thread with pics and details when they arrive


I mean I’ve got the flex one beta, but no, as @Satur9 said, a payment conversion.

hah looks like a heart to me… maybe we should play poker :slight_smile:

ok… I have no idea why this bothers me so much… but it does. Looking at their about page … i’m absolutely shocked at how exceedingly empty and hollow the entire page is. wtf… it’s like an AI spit out lorum ipsom text that was limited to “syngery” and other MBA buzzwords from 1998. It says a whole lot of nothing “about us” using a ton of words. Jeazuz. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS EVEN DOING??? They don’t even talk about the team, who that guy is standing on stage, what they are even doing in the space… just “make customer happy…” … I mean, this is a lesson in what not to do, holy shit. For example;


This is supposed to be a FUCKING STORY… you’ve said nothing but a bunch of garbage that might have worked in 1962… but it’s 2020 dipshit… there’s a pandemic… people are dying… feds are forming secret police squads to impose on states rights and arrest citizens with no proper charges being filed and not supplying any information to local or state law enforcement… and you’re here talking about fucking clear vision and unique business capabilities while talking nothing about them, what they are, or why you’re oohhhh soooo authentic, agile, and committed you fucking flakes.


sorry this got derailed so hard… it physically hurt me and offended my sense of self-worth for having to read that website, wasting my time searching for actual information and meaning.

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Agreed. They might even be a front of some kind for a larger business interest. Very little information overall. I suspect you may be one of the first people to get your hands on their consumer product though. I know a guy who might be interested in sending you one. Then we can cut through all the BS with cold, hard silicon


Hah, I see what you mean. That site is incredible in that it has so many words but so little meaning.

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Yeah, I tried finding just the dimensions of the bracelet, but no luck.

The store site isn’t any better.


The intarweb must be a constant torture for you then :slight_smile: 95% of what’s on the internet is proof that humanity isn’t worth the air it breathes. Haven’t you learnt to read and watch stuff on the web as if it was a bad commercial you should ignore to get to the rest of the program?

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Yeah… I get annoyed though when it’s actually something I’m trying to actively learn from and it’s just nonsense.

That’s the magic of marketing: they’ve manage to create an entire language that is grammatically correct but completely devoid of actual content. I call it “readable lorem”: it’s a sort of filler that politicians, company executives and bureaucrats use to look like they’re saying something meaningful when they really have nothing to say.

I used to have a lot of trouble with readable lorem: in one of my previous job, I was regularly tasked to translate quality assurance procedures into Spanish or French for our foreign subsidiaries. Half of the times, I couldn’t because there was no actual information to translate in paragraph after paragraph of mindless drivel.

It was an amazing trick of the mind: you thought you understood something if you read it superficially, and then when you tried to translate it… nothing. There was nothing in it at all to translate! When I was truly stuck, I’d go and see the author of the document to ask them what they really meant, and most of the times, they struggled hard to explain what they themselves wrote :slight_smile:

That’s the power of readable lorem: if you’re versed in the art of using it, you can convince even yourself that you’ve actually said something meaningful.


Photos came in from the cosmetic surgeon.