Any info on the new dsruptive temperature sensing implants?

Dsruptive has been posting a lot on their IG about their new temperature sensing implants. Just wondering if Dangerous Things was planning on partnering again with them to offer an X series version? @amal would something like this be on the roadmap?

@rosco is kind of the go to with the temperature stuff

I’m guessing he’s going to say it’s just a rebrand of the exact same stuff that’s already out there

I have no idea what the Dsruptive chip is or how well it works. If it’s anything like the temp sensing tags I’ve tried, I’d give it a miss for sure. And also… It’s Dsruptive: I’d give it a miss on that ground alone.

I did see a couple pictures of some of those glass tags on IG following this post… and their sealed end was …ruff

Pretty sure all inquiries go to the trash. Many unanswered emails.