Any info on the new dsruptive temperature sensing implants?

Dsruptive has been posting a lot on their IG about their new temperature sensing implants. Just wondering if Dangerous Things was planning on partnering again with them to offer an X series version? @amal would something like this be on the roadmap?

@anon3825968 is kind of the go to with the temperature stuff

I’m guessing he’s going to say it’s just a rebrand of the exact same stuff that’s already out there

I have no idea what the Dsruptive chip is or how well it works. If it’s anything like the temp sensing tags I’ve tried, I’d give it a miss for sure. And also… It’s Dsruptive: I’d give it a miss on that ground alone.

I did see a couple pictures of some of those glass tags on IG following this post… and their sealed end was …ruff

Pretty sure all inquiries go to the trash. Many unanswered emails.

They’re headquartered in Spain and Sweden – I’d be unsurprised if their english-language requests are routinely sent to the back of the queue, and I’d be surprised if they could ship beta implants to Americans anyway.

They currently won’t, I put in for a beta, made it clear I have an installer and already have implants and could play ball so to speak

They won’t flex

I’ll find and post the email if you guys want the answers to US inquiries

The email I got said I can join the beta program if I’m willing to travel to one of their install partners. So Americans aren’t out of luck. Only out of luck if you can’t afford an international flight and time off work. So…I’m out of luck :cry:

I’m still on the fence…. They aren’t as transparent as I’d prefer, and they have a very non “hacker” vibe

I get that they aren’t wanting to be a Biohacker thing, but I think the corporate vibe I get from them is not something I want regarding stuff inside my body

From a pure tech perspective, I’d be interested to see a single individual implant 2x one in the optimal chest/armpit location and one somewhere more accessible but less thermally optimal like a forearm, and compare the numbers

I wonder if the variance is acceptable

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Have my implant waiting for me at the piercer. It was years ago I actually went to a piercer but figured it was the only way to test a new implant I didn’t already have. I’m glad I’m hearing stuff about Vivokey Apex news again so I actually can get some new tech. Hopefully the DSruptive implant will calm my thirst untill Apex comes around.

Please report back with your results and impressions of the temp chip (if you’re allowed) I have yet to hear anything about how well it functions.

So I have the old temp chip in and I’ve honestly never used it. Had it for like 6 years I think the main issue being that the reader is always dead and it’s easier to get a normal thermometer. A phone reader would be really nice. But I’m very hesitant that it’ll be even remotely accurate. My current one will swing from reading to reading back to back. I’d happily like to be proven wrong!

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