Anybody here participating in CTF's?

Anybody here participating in any CTF’s for 2020? Due to BlackHat Asia being postponed it’s opened up more time for me to play around.

If anyone’s interested in any upcoming “playgrounds” we should start a team.

One day I should learn the digital side of things instead of just being a physical red teamer, ctfs always seem fun.

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No better time then the present :wink:

Key word being time

What are CTF’s? And I’ve always wanted to get into all the hacking physical/digital world stuff, but haven’t had anyone to really get into it with.

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Basically kick in their back door and steal the loot before they catch you

Or protect the loot.

Oh that sounds fun.i have very little knowledge of in depth networking functions and such, but I love learning and researching. Ide be down to do some of this if people would be down to teach/deal with a newb on a team

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Blue team is no fun though

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Red team seems for fun tbh, but I’m a little to noticable to get into the field in general

I feel ya on that

@Midimarn CTF is capture the flag, depending on the competition dictates what kind of style your gonna play in.

My favorite are Red team vs Blue team. But usually the basic’s of it are here’s a system or puzzle break into it.

So you might get a list of 10 ip addresses and your objective is to find “Flags” throughout the system the flags are predefined and usually look something like this: flag{m00nc4k3}

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Well, if you get people to do it and make like a discord group and are willing to teach while doing I’m very down

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My best advice is to start here and use a guide if you have to. But try to break in:

I’m totally willing to setup a discord give me a few hours. To be honest it’s been hectic here on holiday, just got done taking the ol’ preggo test :joy: and of course the world loves putting hiccups into life :).


If you want to learn physical stuff is a good go to for lock picking shenanigans along with Just to see how bad most modern locks are.

And of course look up any of Deviant Ollam’s talks at various cons for fun and insight on how important things like social engineering are.


Oh I’ve been learning/doing physical exploits for years for fun. It’s just getting like serious being 6’9" makes it harder to disappear into the background for actual work prospects.

You’d be shocked how little that matters.

Edit: I’m not sure why that vid starts at 32 mins

I’ve watched it like 10 times lol. I actually watched it earlier today again on my lunch break at work

Ha, yeah his talks are great

The elevator manipulation video was the one that got me into exploiting and learning to exploit things around me.