Anyone have a Nixie watch?

Hello y’all,

Been interested in Nixie watch for quite some time, but never actually used/handle one.

Anyone have one or use/used one as a daily?

I’ve seen some newer design with led backlight and rechargeable batteries, but the original from Cathode Corner is the one I’m really looking at. They are expensive new, so maybe finding a used one would help me make the plunge :sweat_smile:


Nothing personally,
Just looked at them a couple times

I still have the pieces for a 4 tube clock to assemble I keep forgetting about

They are pretty big for everyday wear, so I couldn’t justify the cost for an occasional accessory

Your tastes and priorities may be different however

That’s a big reason of why I hadn’t gotten one yet … I’ve always worn dive watch and never take them off … Use and abuse them to death …

How’s the clock kit?
I’m also looking at those as a more reasonable solution :sweat_smile:

I made on in 2019, but its not exactly practical and was intended for cosplay: