Anyone have an RFID doggy door they'd recommend?

I did a quick search, but didn’t find what I was thinking of…

Anyone have a dog door that they like? And actually use as a dog door? lol

Due to some personal history, my wife is very security conscious and hasn’t been able to feel comfortable with a dog door that doesn’t lock at least somewhat securely. Would an RFID collar and door be workable?

Thanks guys. I know this is only remotely related, but between the tags and the security element, I figure you’re a lot more informed than your typical pet page…

Never used one for a dog but my cat has used one of there cat flaps (rfid) this dog one uses a collar but its the same idea.

Thanks, man. I was just looking at that exact model…

Does it feel secure enough that a slightly paranoid wife would still be able to sleep at night? I think that’s going to be the decision maker, and it’s hard to tell from most write ups…

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The latching mechanism (deadlock) seems pretty strong in it a actuated metal bar links up with another solid non actuated bar. The only week link then is the actual door link to the rest on the mechanism so I dont know.

As for the door it “bulletproof” :face_with_monocle:

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Not at all, totally in line with this community :+1:

I am assuming, as you are asking about a dog door, you have a “real” dog rather than a handbag dog that would fit through a cat door?

Lol. Yep. Two big furballs… One of whom was so traumatized by 4th of July fireworks that she may never go outside again, at least voluntarily. Hoping that a dog door will get her to follow her big brother and let her go at her own pace.