What type of chips are used by veternarians?

I need to get my cats chipped and I want to look up the type of chips available and what they can or can’t do. Would be cool to have a cat door they authenticated with, haha. I promise I won’t use them as data-couriers for espionage. :stuck_out_tongue:

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they are usually chips made by destron or another company which are hard-configured for FDX-B operation (typically) and function at 134khz in the EU and 125khz in the USA… though some of the USA chips are not necessarily FDX-B … it’s a clusterfuck here. At least in the EU every pet chip must abide by ISO 11784/ ISO 11785 standards

There are some doors and food bowls and other pet products which do work with them, but you will not find a lot of generic reader modules or anything else that will.

these also may be if interest to you

The SureFlap cat flap reads FDX-B and EM4xxx implants.

I have one here that I need to install on my door. I plan on removing the flap itself and screw the plastic frame containing the reader and the antenna on the outside of the door, and wire the relay to one of the input lines in my Yale Doorman V2N lock to open the door with my foot. Handy when I get back home with my hands full of groceries, or when I wear thick gloves and the Doorman won’t cooperate.

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Ah, ok. What is a good distributor for these type of chips? What about resources for installation procedures?

Are there any that allow you to store little pictures or text? I’m trying to figure out exactly how the pet information is stored and read. I’m reading up on FDX-B right now. Basically, I want to find something that will work as a normal pet chip, but can also maybe store something novel as well like a little good-luck charm.

Is there consistency across the board in terms of readers? Like what if an animal has a certain type of chip and the vet or whoever has a certain type of reader? I think the readers are pretty broad, but I could be wrong.

The way it works is there is a ID on the tag that is spat out when scanned. This is linked to a database where the owners info is stored.

I dont know of a single 125khz card or implant that allows you to store data like you said a picture.

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Just to add to Devs post above.

The reading is one part of it, so I would reccomend you speak to / visit a vet and see what they use to read the chips. A Photo and make model of reader would help us determine the chip compatibility before we give you reccomendations.

The other part of it is where you live.
For example, where I live there is a nation wide database so all the same chips are used and readers to go with it.
I think Australia is the same.
Europe I believe has some good system inplace also.
From what I have “seen” USA has a mixed bag and no shared database and potentially different chips, which can vary from state to state.

This is a very good point. I need to do some research. Thank you.

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