To the CatCave! (Pet project)

Hey all. I am thinking of making a couple projects for my cats who are chipped. I just started looking into this and figure I might be able to save some research time if any of you fine folks have already walked this path.

I was initially thinking of it because one likes to play a lot more than the other two and sometimes they just want to avoid him, but as of this weekend’s emergency vet visit, all three are now on some special diet or other. So I am thinking of making each their own private little cat cave the others can’t get into. That would simplify feeding times as well.

The easy way might be to buy the existing (******ing expensive!!) cat doors that only open for a cat and hack it into a cave entrance, and I may go that route, but does anyone know of a HID/wedge module for the EU ISO standard pet chips that I might be able to interface with a Pi or arduino? If the same reader could ALSO read a T5577 that would be ideal, but totally optional.


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That’s awesome if there is an EU standard. Do you know what it is?
Is there a EU-wide database?

I know we also have a countrywide standard and shared database.

The USA i’m not sure if the standard is the same, but they don’t have a shared “Tracking” database.

Have you scanned the cats chips? or do you have specific info on them?

If you have a PM3 RDV4 and one of the newer LF antennas ( Not the DT one ) But the one with the 134kHz switch,

Try scanning with that because it is LIKELY that freq. ( Probably FDX )
If not a “standard” 125kHz antenna with scan it fine also.

Rosco did some work around a solution and also found the expensive ones, let me try to find his thread /post…

Also, do yourself a favour; Get a dog ! :dog:

Still agreat project by the way.

I just found this one, It should be a good starter for you

I have not had the time to dive toooo deep yet, but my initial reading indicates the EU standardized on ISO 11784/11785. A blurb on says “The search is looking for results in our independed (sic), consolidated database (which is validating via transponders manufacturers), but also in connected member databases around Europe.” so I suspect there is not a unified database.

The US is, as expected, a wild west of protocols. I don’t know yet if Canada is standardized or not, but the paperwork from when we got them chipped says theirs are 15-digit ISO chips.

I have a Proxmark Easy but have not tried it on them yet, I had assumed it wouldn’t work. I’ll try to get that a shot.

Also you can buy some parts for a build your own

Maybe an arduino, with three antennas ( If you can do that :man_shrugging: ) and a relay for each door and a simple spring latch mech, each cat with their own key :satellite: :old_key: :door:
a 5V version of this solenoid latch

Those ISO’s will cover the Freq protocol, likely the 134kHZ mentioned above

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To be clear, I’m not asking you to do the research for me. I had the idea earlier today and figured if anyone in my circle had already tried this, they were likely on here. I appreciate the links so far, but I don’t expect you to be scouring the net for me :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll def be back with more specific tech questions later.

The chips in my cats are Eidap 15-digit “ISO microchips” according to the vet paperwork.

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I know :+1:

Haha, no problem, I actually felt a little bad because I didn’t REALLY search as such, I merely found you some links to things I knew existed that may be of interest.
If I can help save you or others some time, I am happy to do so.

Remember, You just happen to be asking now, this will likely help some other people in the future also.

Geez, it’s not all about you @miststlkr :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

more or less my thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s not what my mommy told me!

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Problem unclear. Show cat.


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at the moment, I have an eye on a module like this. I’m going to have ti see if I can find any real documentation before getting it though. It has a 1-wire data transfer and takes 5VDC, but the sales listing doesn’t list any info on the data output. So that’s where I’m starting

Intended end-users, for @ODaily



Totally agree - I like cats, when they happen to be around, but I’ll always prefer a dog. Provided it’s big enough not to step on it by accident, of course :wink:

Though I must admit, those are three beauties!

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So… to bring closure to this thread… we decided to start with the SureFeed RFID feeders to keep each cat in their own bowl with their specific dietary food. The skittish one is 1000% terrified, bolts every time it moves, and didn’t eat for a week… so we scrapped this idea. Might revisit it some time with the idea of just a flap that unlocks only for one of them. Without any moving parts, that one might work for her, but right now we just want them to all eat… sigh

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