Anyone have experience with WAVE ID NANO?

Rdr 7511aku is likely what you want

First digit
6 =125

Last digit

I’ll post some better info I found

Yep I just figured out a few of their digit’s meaning. And no, that’s totally not what I want :slight_smile: I want a 6311 :slight_smile:

6 -> 125 kHz
3 -> HID Indala
1 -> Vertical
1 -> Keystroke

I think…

What I’m wondering is if it only does HID Indala, or if all readers do a few “usual suspects” like EM as well.

Okay I’m tired of trying to figure this out. I just sent an email to their rep. With any luck, their readers are like Elatec’s and can be reconfigured.

Yea… I’m rather annoyed that you need to sleuth this hard to figure their shit out

It’s not the first manufacturer that has one or two basic designs with a myriad of configuration options, thinks the customers are too dumb to figure it out and create a giant flat portfolio of products that are just the one design with different configuration.

That’s fine,

It’s the having to search around to even be able to decode their system that I have issues with

That should be much more accessible

I got a reply from the Wave rep. Nice guy, pretty helpful answers to my questions too.

The short of it is:

  • We got the part number code figured out right.
  • No, a reader can’t read several protocols. An EM reader only does EM, an Indala reader only does Indala, etc.
  • They can’t be reflashed or reconfigured.

Which sucks a bit for the price, I’ll have to give a good hard think about which one I want to get, particularly as I want more than one.

Just getting up, I’ll post some videos in a bit, I can log in with 5 of my Hf chips at a desk, more or less easy

Oh and yeah, he sent me a couple of photos as well:

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A c option interesting

Here’s a video of me unlock at my desk, takes a once of hand twist for L0, (L11 is perfect)

It’s still easy enough once you know the the posistion

To be fair my laptop is super thin, it’s a borderline chrome book, I didn’t care about performance I needed that sweet sweet 17hour battery life

A thicker laptop would move the use a bit more away from the desk

Also bear in mind that was a pretty awkward angle trying to operate camera and everything

here are some screenshots of the pcprox software client you can use to write different configuration settings to the reader

half of it is greek to me, but some of it I understand

some of the options do not pertain to the NANO, such as bluetooth and the beep

That’s what they say… :joy: - hopefully they have JTAG without readout protection

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That’s exactly what I’m hoping as well. I’ll know once I receive the one from Eriequiet. Plan on immediately cracking that bad boy open lmao. Hoping it’s not glued together, if it is I’ll have to try my best to be gentle (worst case scenario, print a new housing… :laughing:).

I highly doubt they’ve done separate hardware for all of those models.

There’d be different hardware for LF / HF, but otherwise yeah, probably very similar. Can’t wait to see what you find!

One issue is the whole getting firmware dumps to flash… that could get expensive :cry:

Interestingly, they appear to have a few dual-frequency readers as well (if I was reading their horrid charts correctly).

I’m curious if all of the readers might be dual with one half shut off on most of them. That’d be great from a reflashable POV lmfao. Not sure how they’re fitting their antennas in that form factor, to be honest. It’s impressive, I can see why they charge what they do.

And for sure. If things look likely to be able to be reflashed, I might invest in the proper ISO14443A model to dump. They do look nice, and I’ve been needing one for my laptop anyways. Having a spare would be no big deal, given the potential usefulness.

If I can dump from my end, I’ll assist so you don’t need to buy one

I’m pretty sure only the kbr1 size readers are dual
The just say 125/13.56 on every model page because why fill on the tech specs for each model accurately? That’s just silly

I’d considered that, but if the opening process ends up being messy, I wouldn’t want you to have to risk your reader, especially after buying two.

We can cross that bridge when we get to it, though. Might not even be a JTAG accessible.

I assumed you could dump from usb,

Remember how I said “I don’t do firmware :upside_down_face:

…I really should learn, with the weird diy shit I’m starting to take an interest in

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What I meant was that they’re not meant to be reflashed easily with a nice configuration utility for people like me who don’t intend to waste more than 10 minutes of their lives on that sort of thing.

I’m wondering if they have an ISO14443A PC/SC compatible nano or if it’s all just keyboard emulators.