Anyone have experience with WAVE ID NANO?

The 7512aku would be software defined kit

Now how you go about getting data out of it, I leave to people like darthdomo and Rosco

I don’t do firmware :upside_down_face:

Darthdomo, I meant to swing by the post office today but totally forgot, I’ll try to get it out in the next day or 2

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So is the 2nd pic showing that the model you have can do all those different tags?

I’m wondering if the model you have will work with the xSLX.

I have been eyeballing this product for awhile and I think I might bite the bullet lol.

Uhm, I can take a shot at it… had a gentleman at the booth who had a spark 1… might be able to coax him back over to see if my nano will read it

Per the list, I THINK that’s just all the HF stuff

@amal recently went above and beyond and helped me out with something, so I owe him
I could be convinced to Loan it to Amal for a week or 2 so he can check it out, and I’m sure he has plenty of those tags I don’t have to see what works

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I chatted with someone from the RF IDeas, they said the info in Nano Readers | rf IDEAS Help Center is accurate as far as RDR-7511AKU. Said it can do HID iCLASS CSN, ISO 14443A CSN, and ISO 15693 CSN. I want it now lol. ughhhhh…this is an expensive hobby :laughing:

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That’s crazy and awesome, sorry I wasn’t able to verify it on my end… most people had already left by that point

This is definitely the form-factor I am looking for, but DAMN that is not cheap!

Not as small, but cheap!