Anyone in the Los Angeles area for a show?

Hey everyone, I will be filming with the Dr. Phil show on Monday the 10th in LA on the Paramount lot.

If anyone is interested in;

  1. being in the audience

  2. maybe having a biohacker dinner Sunday night

Let me know!


When is it being aired?


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Damn, I’d totally attend… but that’s other coast for me

Make sure you go in with a list of preemptive bullshit dismissing comebacks

Don’t let them pull some bullshit twisting of words or make us look bad… get ‘em lol

unknown at this time.


Sweet! I wish I could attend. Definitely going to keep my eye out for the episode though!


I’ll certainly watch it, though I cant fucking stand the man

Just to be clear, It’s Dr Phil can’t stand :laughing:


I mean, Phil would be the only man, as Amal is clearly a superior cybernetic being :wink::joy:

@amal, when you have down time give us a “how you feel it went”


Just wrapped. It went well actually. He brought some panel guests who were trying to pull the standard poopoo BS but we crushed it.



As long as they don’t cut/edit things to twist what the real conversation was


Thanks @Dondula for getting me invited!


christ, while waiting for one insufferable man, they make you watch a video of him on another insufferable mans show.

I’ll be interested to see/hear how coherant their counter points were


I don’t find either “insufferable” it’s just nice to see people having fun.


Is there are known when į be able to watch the video of the show?

Not yet. It’s not aired yet. I don’t even have an air date yet.

It was great having you there to set those jokers straight and also not judging me for wearing a toilet seat cover as a bib while getting my makeup done.


A couple of dapper looking chaps

I bet the typical Dr. Phil demographic of 60 year old housewives in the audience and at home were creaming in their panties


Dude funny enough I was relieved to see they filled most the audience with a 12th grade AP psych class, so we were the oldest people there. Basically I was the one getting moist in the trousers… But that was probably just the swamp ass.


Here’s hoping it wasn’t gentle…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I think the best way to fight myth (not necessarily misinformation) is to not be gentle

I think you need to force them to loose a bit of face over it, since it seems a lot of myths are just soundbytes people regurgitate as a feel good

You need to hit them over the head with reasoning, but you have to do it fast and aggressively enough… otherwise it doesn’t stick

I’ve also found that, after addressing 1 myth or misconception… if you keep up the tempo and get out in front of them… and answer the next 2-4 misconceptions or myths they believe BEFORE they even voice it…. they will question their entire (flawed) understanding of the subject… gives you an opening to get through

Tampons for gunshots

Rando: I’m building a first aid kit, and I’m putting tampons in it for gunshots (hur hur)
Eq: tampons aren’t for gunshots… that’s not how any of that works
Eq:a tampon often has 1 tenth the absorbtion of an equivalent proper gauze, let alone any hemostatic agent
Eq: and no seals don’t use tampons for gunshot wounds… at least not any who came back
Eq: proper treatment of that kind of wound doesn’t revolve around absorbing blood, you need to impart PRESSURE onto the base of the penetrating injury… so a roll of gauze is better… you can continue shoving it in pressing it deeper and deeper until the pressure is applied to the actual artery
Rando:eyes glazed over without a smug comeback or another cringe comment on deck
Eq: I would be willing to show you the items professionals recommend, and the basic concepts if you’d like
Rando: yea

…it’s also possible I’m burned out on stupid and I shout them down :sweat_smile:… but you gotta give them the tools to build themselves up right after :innocent:

You know what really surprised me about this whole experience? Dr. Phil ended up being on our side. He not only thought the topic was fascinating, but he said he would consider getting an implant once there was a use case that would work for him. He even defended us against the bozos he brought on who were opposing implant tech. He basically ended his thoughts saying he feels like this is the future and could potentially have great applications. Even if it was all a lie he still sent out that message to his audience… Which yes is probably mostly likely elderly housewives that think we’re conjuring Satan. But whatever, fuck em.