Anyone in the Los Angeles area for a show?

I didn’t notice that was him! Such a prick.

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Watched last night

I have mixed feelings, Dr. Phil did shut down a few of the crazies, but I wouldn’t call him supportive
The “would I get one?” Seemed like a giant nothing burger

The woman there for privacy concerns seemed tolerable… I would have enjoyed whatever conversation that was edited out

Why are there 16 breaks? Fuck

“Human microchipping” … buzzword much?

I did enjoy Amal bitchslapping the cancer and RF bad guy

I’ll admit that one research paper I had heard rumors about, did cause a grain of concern… but having proper context now is great

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Yeah, Amal Nailed that… and to reuse @Dondula’s gif from earlier



@amal and @Dondula
I tried to watch through non Biased eyes, which was really difficult considering the guests on the otherside

But I think you both came across really well


I’m ot surprised with Amal as I have seen his talks many times, and he has been doing this for years, But Brandon, you were a pleasant surprise.
I saw your news interviews, but very different environment when you are actually in the “hot seat”
quite the natural. I think you nailed it.


In fact, I have a little surprise for you…wait one



You are the (current) new face of the DT_CLUB


I… I don’t even know what to say about this. Never has such an honor been bestowed upon me. I’m a literal icon. :cry:

There’s so many people I want to thank.

Satan of course because without him I could never bare his mark. Um my parents for still not understanding what I did to get on national TV even though I’ve explained it 10 times. Most importantly all of you fine folks here and the incredible products and service of Dangerous Things and Vivokey.

P.S. thank you for not sending anymore unsolicited pee pee pics as the surprise.


Haha, that was supposed to be our “little” secret AND you said you liked them :wink:


we all had some pretty good slaps in there which were edited out… but i think they kept that particularly good one in because i honestly had just lost patience with that guy and it was clear i was kinda getting pissed off… so they kept the juice!


Yeah this right here is what bugged me the most. Its like the conversation got interesting then “Find out more after the break”. Radical idea here but what if you… didn’t go to break every. five. god damned. minutes.


the real irritating thing was that the actual conversations had between breaks was good and interesting and, for the most part, complete. lots of rebuttals of goofy nonsense being purported.


I had no idea this episode was a thing until my own mother texted me “Hey Dr. Phil was talking about microchips like the one you have, you should watch it.” I’m glad I stumbled into this thread because I completely forgot about it until now.

Overall from my perspective, the debate aspect was not what I was expecting (but I don’t watch Dr. Phil so I walked in blind), but is worth a conversation. I think Dr. Phil’s team did a good job finding a nice range of implanters and anti-implanters, with the exception of the nutjob “R”. People like “R” are the reason topics like climate change denial, anti-vax, and other conspiracies are causing major problems in the world, spouting off falsehoods as fact, misquoting research, and devolving into logical fallacies.

Team Implant was a nice range of users. Including power-users like Anastasia, more middle-of-the-road users like Brandon, and a developer of the technology like Amal is a great way to get a broad perspective from that side of the space. I loved the physical demonstrations (tugging at heartstrings by making the chest implant link to a wedding/relationship video was a nice touch) and how it helped the audience see the value in implantation. Connecting the implants to things like solving forgetfulness, increasing quality of life, and providing services like links to vaccine records was a good bullet point as well.

I think they could have helped Team Anti-Implant by including a Doctor that handles medical care related to implantation or a similar field, rather than a psychiatrist like Dr. Sophy. However, he went to medical school like the rest of the doctors in the world, so his perspective is still valid, even though it seemed like he was mainly in it for the book promo at the beginning.

I do wish they would release or provide an extended cut, as Amal said stuff was left on the cutting-room floor, but the ~30 minutes of info that was provided was very informative and if it can make my mother start a conversation regarding implants, then I think @amal succeeded in bringing in more eyes to the implant/biohacking space. I would definitely like to see more of the audience’s reaction to a lot of the points that were raised, as hearing them react to the magnet demonstration was interesting.


I figured we’d have a few more visitors from the show’s exposure. Maybe they’re just lurking. Still, I was expecting something more.

Then again, I’m crap at understanding people.

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My conspiracy loving coworkers haven’t seen it yet XD


Likewise buddy, I’m really surprised, I mainly expected the one thread we all love to hate, to be quite busy, BUT I am also expecting a number of orders were placed and we will still be getting some questions fired our way in due course.
Maybe some implants will be Christmas presents, still wrapped up under the tree

I can actually help you out with that


AND I can actually help them out too.


Welp, looks like we finally put him out of business. Secret mission accomplished…


AAaaargh!! I’d recognise that idiot anywhere: it’s Banana Man!!

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That video was uncomfortabley sexual…


I think Kirk Cameron agrees

This is how he was looking at Ray

"A point at the top for ease of entry :open_mouth: :banana: , just the right shape for the human mouth :lips: "

This is what Ray was picturing when describing that

@Dondula ,Here’s one for your wank bank

or maybe, something more explicit


@Pilgrimsmaster those photos are giving me my own “growing pains”

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