Anyone play with the PHILIA PDS-100?

I’m very tempting to grab one of these to toy with but was curious if anyone had tried one?

The data sheet says they use ISO14443A so I assume the Next should work baring any read issues.

They are also quite cheap at 170$CAD which is a bit cheaper than most of the RFID locks on Amazon with the added bonus of being a deadbolt if it works.

If only it was that simple buddy.

Unfortunately, ISO14443A is only part of the picture.
ie. most of the other DT Products are included in the ISO14443A family
Spark 2
xM1 “magic” 1k

Hopefully, somebody else has a better answer for you and some more info or even better, one of those PHILIA locks to test with.
There is a possibility that it uses a proprietary access card.
Did you only find it online?
Is there a brick and mortor store you can test one?
What are PHILIA locks return policy, could you get one to “test”?

Nah, I’ve just been poking around online to see if I could find anything that might work.

Once my implants are in and fully healed I was going ot go have a chat with the locksmith about since he is constantly doing work for me anyways,


Ah yes, the wonderful world of NFC-enabled door locks… The two things you can be sure about with them are:

  • They communicate on the same frequency
  • You have a 90% chance the particular model you want won’t work with your implant.
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