Anyone put a reader in a mouse or a keycap on your kb?

I probably wouldn’t do it since I use a ultralight mouse but it would be an interesting concept for something like a MX master with a lot of space and a flatter profile. Would need to be reading a flex in P1-P3 to get a read through your hand though.

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This is also another great project if you are using a Laptop with enough space

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Thanks for the link, I was looking for this thread the other day :sweat_smile:

A keycap is too small by itself, although a coil antenna in a space bar might be an option. But a keyboard has been done before. I should check if my keyboard has room for the improved KBR as a built-in. The trinket will easily fit, and as I use a compact keyboard with a trackpad the space either side of the trackpad might be an option.

Dang, there is room, but I would need to use something like a nanohub 2 port USB hub and they are all out of stock (except for a 4 port one on eBay at double the normal price)…

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Found those guys if we want to buy 2000 of them :sweat_smile:


And maybe a software change

System requirements:

  • Microsoft’s Windows 2000, XP or 2003

would also be kind of interesting to put one in inner wrist and have a reader in a wrist rest

KSI got keyboards that have an RFID and biometric authentication … stating just above $300 …

Edit, found some for a lot cheaper a some used ones for really cheap … might be worth a try?

the standalone security thingies actually look interesting. dual frequency rfid and fingerprint in one little unit.