Apex cryptocurrency wallet test - VivoKey Unplugged

Hey everyone! We have a new beta app up and looking for some people to play around with it. It’s a re-publication of Ledger Unplugged, which is compatible with a number of wallets out there including Mycelium. We have not loaded the attestation certificate to the wallet, which takes up space and is not actually used for transacting.

App deployment

Getting the VivoKey Unplugged app on your Apex is the first step. To do this, we need to walk through manual delivery setup and deployment.

Open Fidesmo app on your phone. Go into “Settings”.

Enable the “Show manual delivery” option.

Scan your Apex to enter the device menu. Tap the manual service delivery icon.

Enter the following values; App ID = 9aaf0959 and Service ID = install and tap continue.

Tap confirm

Hold your Apex to the phone… for a very long time… a very. long. time.

After a significantly long time, you should see a success screen.


After deploying the app to your Apex, you will need to initialize it before you can use it. To do this, we currently have no mobile option. You will need a USB reader, Python, and some software from GitHub;

Mycelium integration

… coming soon …


Sure will try it

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EDIT: Seems to work fine! Wallet support looks to be poor though, only Mycelium by first glance. But, it does work, although I’ve not sent any bitcoin using it.


I seem to recall also green wallet?? Maybe?

What already works:

  • Initialize chip using random mnemonic seed
  • Setup / restore Mycelium integration from chip
  • Receive BTC from SegWit address
  • Clone / restore chip using backed-up keycard and mnemonic seeds (rfc6979)

What does not work:

  • Sending BTC to any address


  • Deriving the verification characters from the keycard seed to verify an outgoing transaction

Sending BTC is broken because Mycelium defaults to the SegWit format (BIP144), which is not implemented in the applet, as the code is pretty old.



After further analysis, Ledger Unplugged appears to be a dumpster fire. It does not support SegWit which omits bitcoin, and there are other issues. Primarily though it’s not actively developed anymore and the tech debt with this applet is huge.

Instead, we are exploring a pivot to

It’s all open source. The protocol is modern. The codebase is active. The java card applet code appears clean and straightforward. They have a ton of SDK options for different languages and platforms.


I can confirm the Keycard applet runs on Apex hardware and the Status App (Status - A Crypto Super Wallet) is able to receive and send funds. The app is a joy to use compared to Mycelium …

This option “only” supports the Ethereum chain and all the different tokens, but no Bitcoin. I suppose you have to go though an exchange if you need some Bitcoins.


Not only does Ledger Unplugged omit BTC by not supporting SegWit, it is also an old enough codebase that it doesn’t really support any other cryptocurrencies :slightly_smiling_face:
The alternative looks much better.

The keycard applets supports any BIP-32 HD wallet according to the documentation.

Interested people can now test the Keycard applet by manually deploying 38ea914a / install .


It works a charm! Some functionality provably missing, like factory reset, and no immediate process for PUK and pairing code, not that I know what its purpose is.

Receiving and sending works well, I found a nice test address to send eth to here Ways to support Amal / DT :slightly_smiling_face:


Factory reset can be performed via Fidesmo destroy / install.

Pairing codes are required to connect the same card to more apps or devices. PUK is required if you enter your PIN wrong three times.

The Status app has a section in the settings to manage these card codes.


There is apparently also a keycard connect smartphone app for doing additional management of the applet


Installed keycard applet and setup Status. Everything works great, thank you for the work you’ve done thus far on it.

I’m hoping in the future Status either starts accepting other coins that are not based on ETH or keycard becomes compatible with other wallets. I bought $10 whole dollars worth of ETH to test it, but would love to move my other coins to it.

I take it keycard and ETH are our only options for APEX at this point?


If someone wanted to take on the task of updating the ledger applet or point us to an oss javacard wallet app that works, we’d love publish it.


Just installed the BIP32 Wallet applet and it works great with status.im! Send and receive works perfectly and honestly faster than what I was using before.


I’m getting this error after not using the Status app for a while. Any ideas?

Hmm no ideas… might have to ping status app discord?

I got the same error!