Ways to support Amal / DT

There have been some questions about ways to support me (Amal!) and / or DT in ways not related to purchases. For a time a Patreon was discussed as well as simple things like a PayPal donate button… but Patreon is expensive and PayPal is a terrible company we do not want to support, so for the moment I am setting up some simple options!

Subscribe to DT Club

The first option is to subscribe to DT Club! Simply click the subscribe nav option and sign up!

One time “thank you”

Cryptocurrency Options

I don’t really like the idea of including card processors and issuer banks in a transaction that is meant to be much more personal and meaningful than purchase of a product. It seems a bit disrespectful to give basically 3% and then some to banks and processors for something like this. Crypto still has its fees, and it is getting more ridiculous by the day, but for now it is still possible to transfer crypto for pennies where it would cost real dollars using more traditional methods.

If there are other crypto currencies you would like to toss my way, let me know and I will update this page with a wallet address for said currency.

btc 3AvRVxkFLPEqD4FQHYn7ooEXsa788fott7


dai 0xE503B9e2e9673653877A520750D7126ce06197E6


eth 0xc38773Fc4c33E7Eb0D3E5b58b8e75aB56B724d84


What’s the purpose?

Any financing headed my way in this manner will most likely be used for upgrades to the lab mostly. Better lab gear means better quality, more new projects, more experiments, and better safety. I have a few things I want to get including a small lab benchtop plasma sterilizer for example… that kind of thing is not cheap… and flex implants could really benefit from it… but the volume for flex just isn’t there to justify it outright.

Any benefits?

So one of the features of Patreon is that you can get exclusive content etc. from the “creator” and you get to be part of the “in” crowd. I suppose a special secured category could be made here on the forum for members who contribute this way and I could post videos and updates there… give more insight into what’s happening inside the company etc.


Well let’s see… it’s been about an hour or so… should be a millionaire about now…








I thought this may be worth a BIG bump

It has been going for about 10 days with 11 Threads created ( Mostly videos ), there really is some great content in there.

I hope Amal won’t mind me saying this, but without letting the cat out of the bag, there is some inside information on product design and development, and product timelines etc

Also, some “behind the scenes stuff”,
for example, in some of those videos you would have seen of Amal in his lab, behind him are some draws full of all sorts of goodies, we have been learning what’s inside them, there are lots of draws and we are so far only 2 draws in…

If you can afford to do so, I would definitely recommend joining


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I know something you dont know…

NOW would be a REALLY good time to join the DT Club.

I can’t say anything, but the video updates are thick and fast for “something” happening SOON™

I also couldn’t suggest that there are other certain perks of being in the club :star2:

cough early access cough