Apex Flex Implant update - minor regret

So I got my Apex Flex installed a month or so ago and I wanted to give an update about a regret I have for the install location.

I got the install in the meaty part of the top of my forearm which is a convenient place to rest my phone for reading (this is part of why I chose this spot).

This spot, near the crook of my elbow is also where a backpack strap will rub if I quickly and lazily drop my bag. I hit the spot on a recent job with a bag full of gear and it kind of bruised the area where my implant is and I’m marginally worried about implant shift but for the most part have just resigned to being more careful.

I hope this info is helpful to anyone looking for a place to put their flex.

Also it’s only a minor regret.


Thank you for sharing. It’s very difficult to anticipate all the little ways we bump and pinch our body in different places. It’s like when you get a cut or a scrape and suddenly you’re hitting it on everything… obviously you’re not behaving in any new way it’s just now you notice. Very hard to anticipate.


I don’t regret the location, just now more aware

You could always tape a ketchup packet to your desired implant location for a couple days. If you wear long sleeves no one will notice most places. Then go about your daily routine and every time you bump that location, you will fell the ketchup squish to one side of the packet.