Apex launch date?

Hey, guys! :wave:

I was trying to find more updated info on how close we are to the VivoKey Apex launch but couldn’t find anything recent on the forum.

I’m sorry if I am just being annoying or missed some info, somewhere. Just genuinely excited for the chip!! :smile: :tada:

While I am at it, might as well ask if someone has successfully convinced any medical practitioner outside of the US to do a Flex chip format installation.

Asking because I don’t deal well with needles at all, and doing it myself is a definite no-go.

Red dots should be fine for flex installs.
So yes, there are flex installers out of US.
Google for body mod artists or bodymodder or whatever in your region. They should be fine with it.

Idk about Apex release date, but DT just released 2 implants, if I was them I’d wait a little longer even if it was ready.

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Not going to lie saw this post and thought it was an official announcement got so exited :laughing:


I thought the exact same thing.



I’m sorry, guys! :sweat_smile:

Just changed the :tada: in the title to a question mark! :joy:

If you live anywhere near germany, I can ask my bodymod-artist if he can do it for you - he does lots of unusual stuff, and he’s absolutely great :wink:

I’m in Portugal but I go to Berlin often. If he’s somewhere near there I’d do it! :smiley:

Not that close - about 500km away from berlin^^ But I’ll aks him anyway if I may drop his name

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Slightly, well totally, off topic but this could do with updating.

Aiden (the dot in Shrewsbury) is not there any more. He’s moved to his own shop up in Nottingham, really nice guy. Implanted my NeXT and Spark2 back in Jan

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Yes mate, it is a tricky thing, and there are a few out of date locations.
It sort of relies on the Body mod person to contact DT, or as you have just done and share the info. (even better if you now ask Aiden to contact DT with his new info / location )
There is a thread where we tried to get a community map running lead by @thunderblaster but we haven’t seen him for a while, it would be great if he came back or somebody else with the skill to pick up the reins.

At the end of the day, the DT partner map is a reference and starting point and people should always call before just rocking up.

@KaiCastledine also hosts a map that I believe is quite upto date

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So I actually met him and he was mid onboarding with KSEC to do installations.

As listed above we have a updated UK partner network.

We also have the ability to do needle installations of the new flex implant form factor

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Mid onboarding meaning he stopped or was it put on hold due to the coronavirus stuff? He’s the only installer I’ve seen who is listed by DT or you guys who is within reasonable driving distance of me (I’m based in North Birmingham)

Coronavirus but I can drop him a mail for you as things are returning to normal.

Anything UK based we’re happy to get new installers and Aiden has been recommended to us.

Glad to hear that as I’m intending to use him again later this year. I’d happily add to the recommendation: nice location, clean and a nice vibe, plus he’s really easy going and was pretty good at explaining things - I’ve got my share of tattoos but no piercings so he gave a good account of what to expect.

I’ll stop derailing this thread now but here’s to a future KSEC-Aiden combo in my future!

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I’ll drop him a mail Monday for you :slight_smile:

@gnsps Sorry, took some days, but if you’re still interested I can recommend my Bodymod Artist, Arnulf from Stigmata Inc. in cologne - I really love that guy, he’s doing great work, is really open minded and just a great person to work with.

Hope it’s okay to put a link here? https://stigmata-inc.de/bodymodification/

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Thank you! :blush::pray: