Apex Test Card for Applet Development

I’m looking at the Fidesmo cards and I don’t believe it, a RESTful API?
Will it be this smooth to work with the Apex?
Is this the correct test card https://shop.fidesmo.com/products/fidesmo-card-2-0?

I think @fraggersparks said something about getting a Fidesmo P60 card (wouldn’t that be a Flex One test card?).

The Apex uses the P71. That card uses the P60 that the old flex One Beta’s used. It’ll still work for development. Fidesmo needs to get their shit together and hop on the P71 bandwagon asap


What about the P40?

You’d have to ask @fraggersparks about that. The P40’s do run Java applets, but I think they’re only compatible with older versions of JCOP so it might not be a simple fix to get an applet you developed on the P40 to run well on the P71s

yeah the p40 is even worse hah… it’s got a serious garbage collection bug, the p60 has a similar bug… both will brick the chips and the p40 does only run jc 2.2.2 … the real solution is to jump to P71 but ugh… waiting.