Satochip app on NFC ring

Will it be possible to have it on a Magic Ring? can we then choose the applets we want on the ring? easily.

unfortunately not buddy.
The Magic Ring uses a Mifare Classic 1k Chip and is not capable of what you are wanting to do.

I have 2 suggestions for you

Get yourself a FlexSecure
Source a P71 chip and build your own ring

Check out printables or thingiverse for an NFC ring file

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P71 chip and build your own ring have you got link to see whatlook like ?

something like these

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And regarding the chip P71 i can find this where ? have you got ref ? link ? :slight_smile:

thank’s but how can i put smart card in a ring :slight_smile:


and some Acetone.

Disolve the plastic

Reuse the antenna wire for your ring antenna



yes great i want one :kissing_heart:

it’s so crazy

If you ask @amal, you might be able to strike a deal for a chip.

We are also planning to relese the Sato applets for the Vivokey ecosystem.


“We are also planning to relese the Sato applets for the Vivokey ecosystem.”

there are three applications (applets) GitHub - 3rdIteration/Satochip-DIY: A collection of documentation and guides for building and flashing Satochip, Seedkeeper and Satodime Javacard based Crypto Hardware Devices
Official release from Satochip (wallet)

Seedkeeper official release (Seedphrase storage solution)

Satodime official release (cryptographic bearer card)

“If you ask @amal, you might be able to strike a deal for a chip” Realy ? it’s really crazy @amal

Options coming soon.


Where is détails about thoses great
applets from : flexsecure-applets

I’m not quite sure what you are asking.

This is where you will find the Applets that ate publically available.

Which applet(s) are you after specifically?

I just saw your deleted message.

I’m not fully across it, but I believe Fido 2 for the Flex Secure is still under testing.
(Which you can join)

ALSO, are you on Android or iOS?
I think, as usual, apple aren’t playing nice with others.

Anyway, to get you started,
Heres some relevant thread with some applet information.

Correct, there will be an announcement within the next week(s).

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Good news, Satochip and Vivokey have negotiated an official partnership. See For business - Satochip and .

Starting now, the Satochip and Seedkeeper applets are available via Fidesmo for the Apex. Satodime will not be available for the time being, due to usage and lock-out concerns on NFC-only platforms.


Some set-up info for the curious

Satochip-DIY Documentation Repo:

The FlexSecure is even mentioned