Aqara U100 / next implant

So I have the NeXt implant and I suppose it’s working as intended. It seems like it’s not really the best choice for what I have going on in my life at this point unfortunately (unrelated). It appears that it’s not going to work with my home lock.

There’s zero recognition from the NeXt chip, and unfortunately it appears it doesn’t support M1. Much sad.

The real questions here. Is the xM1 the “right” choice for this lock? Would the V Spark 2 be a better choice (and does it support this specific lock anyway?) What would be the long term benefits of either?


Do you have any of the tags that work with it to scan with Tag Info or a Proxmark?

Edit: I ask because it may be a coupling issue as most locks seem to struggle with x-series implants. Which is where the rsp or MFGC come in handy.


Could you try emulating your NExT with something like a Flipper or PM3 to rule out coupling issues?

Have you tried playing with the xFD’s that came with your implant and your lock?


Taginfo = working programmed ring with the Aqara lock
Flipper= scan of the ring

The lock says “absolutely not” out when I try to scan the reader, or emulate the ring

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Also the reader

Cool. An xM1 (NExT, xMagic, flexM1, or flexUG4) should do the trick. If it’s not reading, it’s a coupling issue. Try working around the hf field detector keychain and see if you can get it to light. It looks like it’s got some locked keys. I believe the there’s an app for the Flipper to help with those (I haven’t used it). A Proxmark would probably be better. But, I’d be curious if you could get enroll your NExT rather than try to clone the ring to it. If you can’t get the field detector to light, it would be worth getting an rsp or mfgc so see if you can improve things enough to get a read.

Edit: NExT is incorrect here. My bad. So tired today :grimacing:


I get nothing on the LF. The HF field is just fine. Id much rather get the NeXt to enroll rather than clone the ring, but the lock just whines that nothing is there. Emulating the ring didn’t work either. Similar to my work badge. Is there, but not reading (I think it’s a low power badge reader). I’ll have to dig around for the HF keychain though, all I’ve got is the card at the moment. The card reads it just fine, the ring reads immediately.

How would one to about respond a coupling issue?

These links

I absolutely love the MFGC, but in this instance, I thing the RSP would suit the application better.
Put the sticker on the reader and it should just go un-noticed…


The keychains have the same solenoid style antennas that x-series implants have, they’re the best tool for determining orientation and couple effectiveness for an x-series. They’re a precise tool whereas the RDC is very much high level, general info.


So SHOULD my NeXt support this protocol?

No, I misspoke. Sorry about the confusion.

Edit: Our card pack would be a great tool to verify that you can enroll another MFC. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to clone the existing tag.

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Hello, i don’t have an implant yet but was also thinking about getting the NeXT and using it with this specific lock. A lot of this thread has gone over my head so i was just wondering if there was a way to get this implant to work with this lock or if you did. Thank you!!

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Short answer. No. It looks like we’d need the xMagic perhaps or the XM1 for this particular lock. One that has the Mifare 1k chip.

I might recommend grabbing a few cheap m1 rings to test out, just in case. From Amazon


Great reply, I would agree an xM1 in
theory, is a good option, I would also suggest a card would be a better tool to confirm their claim of “Mifare M1 Card”, but personally, i would suggest a test card pack for future proofing your new RFID hobby and others to test against it.

This has the best chance of telling you which chip(s) are compatiable.

The biggest question is whether a small xSeries implant will work, we wont know without someone testing it.

Would you consider a flex implant?
You would have a better chance of success.
ideally (but currently out of stock FlexM1) but a FlexUG4 is a bit expensive and overkill if its only going to be used on a single door lock.

Awesome implant, but, that would be like going to a whore for a hug, you’re not really getting you monies worth, when it is capable of so much more.

Love the ending. I lol’d out loud for that

And hecere on Amazon was the ring itself that did immediately enroll during setup in case anyone wanted to know

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The reader on the lock itself seems pretty darn good, I would not be surprised if the small xseries worked flawlessly. I’m also surprised my lock hasn’t need new batteries yet either

The lock went on sale so I bought it, now just have to get one of the testing things to see what implant. I’ll probably end up getting the NeXT in one hand and the Magic in the other…eventually.