Aravae's Installation Thread

This is it.
I’ve done everything that I can to prepare.
Everything I need to create pain blocking patches: acquired.
Prenatal supplements to start taking immediately: acquired.
Knowledge of installation and healing process: acquired.
Appointment with a piercing artist: acquired.
Oh yeah, can’t forget the actual implants: acquired.

Now… comes the hardest part. WAITING.


Gah. now there are two of us Waiting



Found someone in Phoenix?
Can’t speak for everyone but the pain of installation for me was less than giving blood and quite temporary.



They’re gonna do the three xSeries for $150.

Hoping that’s the case for me. I’m hypersensitive to pain (autist), and getting the xg3 in a fingertip. :grimacing: My prescription grade lido cream leftover from laser hair removal should hopefully take the edge off though.


Oh hell no, load up on all the pain management you can. lol. (I have no experience with this, just assuming due to the location.)

OOh, I missed that thread. I need to get my flex installed.


Super exciting!!

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Yeahhh, I went to Steve Haworth for two of his fingertip magnets way back in 2015ish. Let’s talk about that.

No real pain management; some dinky pre-tattoo cream I’d found on Amazon I didn’t have on nearly long enough and some icing from Steve. Magnets were like 1/8" diameter. The scalpel going in felt like a 1" nail being driven into my finger. I thought it was over. The slice of the scalpel making the pocket drove the breath from my lungs, tensed my whole body, and would have dropped me to my knees had I been standing. To this day, I vividly remember what it felt like. There was a millimeter or so thick strand of slightly tougher tissue that felt distinct from the rest as it parted beneath the blade. Talk about a second that lasted way longer than it should have. It was all I could do to focus on keeping my hand as still as I could for him. Him pushing the magnet in and applying a few sutures was practically nothing. Then, he asked if I was ready for the other one.

I left with only one implant that night.

Now though, I’ve got custom compounded 23%lidocaine/7%tetracaine/10%DMSO cream. I metabolize the caine’s pretty quickly, but this is gonna be sealed on the sites for at least 2 hours leading up to the appointment. It’s too bad I couldn’t just get my hands nerve-blocked somewhere in the valley right before going in, but oh well. Gotta be able to drive home another couple hours after lol.

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Best of luck for a pain free install. My worst install so far has been the xM1, but wasn’t too bad. Just pinched more than the others lol.

Keep us (me lol) posted on this please. I have a xG3 but still have no clue where to put it. It boggles mind how it can fit in your fingertips. At least for my installer, he likes to give extra room when inserting the implant, if that makes sense… he goes “ok implant will rest here, but I’m gunna insert the needle way over …here.”
There isn’t much room in the fingertip to do that (at least my brain still can’t process that thought lol)


Well, here’s my plan.

Go in from the knuckle crease towards the tip, staying right along the side of the finger.

Edit: Guess I can mention that it’s the v2 and I work with tiny screws every day so it’ll be useful with that.

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Yeah, I can feel you :sob: I’m was staring at my boxes for 16 days now, 10 more to go until the appointment… :smiley: And I’m still waiting for my Walletmor to arrive :confused: I hope it will be there by the installation day because my installer is super strict and he said that he’ll do just one flex at a time, and I’ll have to wait another month to get another one :smiley:



Good luck with your fingertip install! That was my original plan with my XG3v1. In the end, got it in the side of my hand. Hoping to get a fingertip Titan some day.

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I’m not very sensitive to pain and this was a tough one for me. Turns out there’s a lot of nerves clustered there.

Mine went in from the tip. I can’t see how the installer could get a good angle going from the knuckle. You can only see the scar when I squeeze my finger.

No squeeze:

Squeezing shows a very faint crecent:

One end of the magent:

The other end:


It’s been 8 days! At least the forum says that. Waiting to see how yours went before booking my appointment there…

Twas a bust. :pensive: So, I set my appointment about two weeks ago. Called the studio, told them what I was wanting, and they said they’d have the piercing artist get in touch with me. I got a text later that night from someone saying they were returning my call. I explained I wanted three Xseries installed, and they at first quoted me $300. I said that was too steep for me, especially since I was bringing in all the equipment myself and nothing had to be sterilized or autoclaved. Then they said oh okay, 150 then. I agreed and we’d set the appointment for tonight. I also linked them ALL the resources, lol.

Two days ago, I texted them asking if the appointment was still good. They replied that they were no longer with the studio but would still take the appointment if I could come to an alternate location they were renting to do tattoos and piercings at. A red flag, but I said sure with the intent to look into it further. I then called Wisemagic back and asked about my appointment. The guy on the phone said yes the artist was no longer with them, and that I wasn’t on their calendar at all. At that point I just said thanks and hung up. I looked up the new address on Street View and was already unimpressed. Pretty ghetto looking, to me.

Today, I called the studio again around noon and got voicemail, so I explained everything up to that point and asked they get back to me on an appointment and whether the artist was trustworthy. They freaking never called back. So I drove the two hours to Phoenix from my place with my mom, and we scoped out the dead end road. There were people standing around and two cars parked facing each other with their lights on. We nope’d tf out and I texted that appointment was canceled.

It didn’t sound like the owner of Wisemagic was all that enthused with implants, and it was pretty unprofessional of them to never call me back. So I’d say do not attempt them, based on my experience.

Now I get to try and find someone else for like Sunday so the time off I took from work for recovery won’t go to waste… :rage:

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As an aside, numbing cream didn’t do ANYTHING for my finger. I had it sealed on in saran wrap for two hours. Still had feeling practically the same. Both position 0s were pretty well surface numbed though. Idk, I’d probably want to nerve block both hands before installation. I have some serious calling around to do tomorrow.

Oh that sucks! What a letdown for you, but from the sound of it you may have dodged a bullet…

Yeah tattoo places don’t exactly set the bar for customer service… lol.

Geez. The installer I go to charges a standard $50 piercing fee.

Only time I went with multiple implants, I also let my friend get her Septum pierced. I think for two xseries and septum piercing was $125 (not sure if that was it exactly, but he gave me a little discount I remember) for getting more than 1, in 1 sitting.

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I’m really sorry it didn’t work out :frowning: Pretty rude of Wisemagic to never call you back. I think it probably was because the owner didn’t like implants but still doesn’t mean they are allowed to be rude. I’m glad you decided to avoid the 2nd place since it seemed so sketchy. I’ll look around the valley and see if I can find a trustworthy shop

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I know some that are downright rude and unprofessional, and others who deliver the best service I’ve ever had - including giving me a private phone number to call if problems arise, removing sutures (made by other people) for free, installing xSeries for very little money etc.
To be honest, my piercing-/tattoo-guys and my beloved bodmod-artist are the three people that cared for me better than every other service person or doctor or whatever I met.

But yeah, this story definitely sucks! Hope you’ll find someone cool to install your implants, @Aravae !