Arduino relay switch

Thought I’d share my first project. Very rough I know, but its just a prototype.
Switching a relay with 5 second reset using arduino pro mini and my NExT.
I didn’t write the code myself, just modified some I found online.
Probably cost under ten pounds in parts.
I’m pleased with how well it works.


Very cool!

Got any plans to install it in something? Door, a car, toolbox, or a safe?

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Bike ignition will be one. Im thinking of putting a few together for various locks etc

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Hey are you in the discord chat? I’ll ping the dude here to :wink: @Chimpofm

Chimpo has made a series of little pcbs for this exact purpose. Great work BTW!

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Thank you.
I think this may be a hybrid of one of theirs.
I noticed that the code had ‘chimpoflag’ as one of the boolean flags :joy:
Not on discord atm but i will sort it out.


Nice work.
Where you like this when it first worked?


It would be cool if you did an update at some stage with things like:-

Parts list:
code (or link to code):
Build instructions/wiring diagram:
any other little nuggets of info:

I’m looking forward to seeing it installed on your bike :motorcycle:

Search “my hand is a key” on youtube for the full video on the project my friend made.

Thanx for the plug dev i only just saw it.

Fyi heres the current version


Looking pretty Tidy there @Chimpofm and so is your Simple Sexy :wink:

“my hand is the key” video link


That is beautifully tidy.
Im getting there with my version but it will be far less discrete than yours. How it will evolve is anyone’s guess!
Thanks to you @Chimpofm and your friend for the excellent write up. It was definitely your project that i emulated.

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Thats pretty much how I am all the time :joy: