Are there any disadvantages to the xDF2 over xNT?

I’m thinking of getting some implants and wanted to know if there’s any disadvantage to getting an xDF2 over an xNT?

I’m planning to use these for personal projects, vCard and if I can, for replacing my keys.

So right now, I’m debating weather to get a NExT, or a xDF2 and an xEM. And I’m assuming that the two chip combination would provide me with the best functionality.

Also, how likely is it that I’ll end up getting two or more chips on each hand?

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Your questions are very tricky thing to answer without more information, but from what you have provided so far I would slightly sway toward a NExT.

The NExT is a 2in1 of the xNT and xEM
It is a fantastic first implant and will cover you for MOST instances and MOST systems.


The xDF2 and xEM would be virtually the same but the major difference being the xDF2 is a more powerful chip than the NTAG216 (HF chip in NExT) cable of having applets deployed to it, including NDEF which is what you get in the NExT, except the NExT has only 1kB storage vs the xDF2 8kB.
So in that instance the xDF2 is a “better” chip.

The NExT is a single implant, single install, single fee for the piercer, single healing.

The xDF2 and xEM is 2 implants, 2 installs 2 fees, 2 healing, BUT you get a “better” HF chip.
it is also possible to install them alongside each other

Either option I think you would be happy with, so now you just need to decide what suits you better


I assume that you can get two chips installed in the same location at the same time, right? Or do you need to wait for one chip to heal before you install another one next to it?

I intend to get them both in the L0 position. From my understanding, as long as the chips are spaced 5mm+ appart, there should be no problems.


Personal preference, but yes, Personally I would get both in at the same time, but I would recommend corralling them to keep them separate whilst they heal, and take some prenatals to aid with the healing and encapsulation process

You’re good to go,
I did 6x 2 right next to each other

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Havent though of “corralling” the chips but found some posts about placing matchsticks on the skin with micropore. For how long should this be kept on the skin?

Until you are certain they are well encapsulated; this however will depend on how your own body heals.
If you are sensitive to adhesives, you may want to consider what you use on your skin.
Prenatals will help and are recommended.