Attestable installer in the twin-cities area? (Minneapolis/St.Paul)

anyone have recommendations of attestable installers in the twin-cities area? someone whom you have leveraged for your installs ?



Forgive the ignorance.

That’s Minneapolis, right? Ian Bell used to be based out of there. He has since moved to Texas, but he routinely travels back to do work and go to piercer conventions. Don’t know how the Covid wil be affecting that. Texas pretty much just opened back up.

Ian Bell
Better Days Body Art

I find it much easier to reach him by text.

He installed my NeXT. Big time extrovert, as an introvert I just put up with it. He’s more into the aesthetic side of body mods, but is chipped himself. Really did a great job on mine. Super clean and a stabbing pro.


@ODaily - Yes TC==Minneapolis/St.Paul area; and thank you for the reference.


Glad you got the result you’re looking for! I’ve just updated your thread title to include Minneapolis/St.Paul so it’ll be easier for anyone else who tries to search here in the future for an installer :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks @Compgeek.

If there are other references/recommendations for a locally based installer, please do share. still in search. Thanks

Have you had a chance to check out the DT Partners map sometimes you’ll have luck on there.

@leumas95 - yes, indeed thank you. I saw that link earlier and noticed that Minneapolis/St.Paul areas are void of “known” installers. I hope I am not the only one looking for an installer here in the twin-cities area :slight_smile:

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Once they open back up try Leviticus. I didnt end up going in but from searching online they seem to be the only one with a good layout of photos on site for body mods. Try to reach out to Andy McLeod if still there. Let me know how it goes. I might be in the same boat in a few months. Please talk to them in person and not on the phone. More likely to get a feel for it in person. Check the faq, print out details, bring them with you.


Sorry I’m late to the party. I was just scanning through the forum and came upon this.
NixieGeek, I highly recommend Verno @ TheHolyMackerel piercing shop. He’s kind of the premier piercer in the state, and does implants regularly. He’s done all three of mine, and his experience shows in his precision. They’re based in St. Paul:
Verno is a busy guy, but leave a message at the desk if need be.


thank you - @RickD. I have had my xDF2 installed yesterday through a medical professional.


Bumping this thread: thinking about a potential Titan install in October. Anybody know anyone in Minneapolis/St Paul who might do that?

Alas I’m unaware of anyone in MSP who would do a titan install. Hennepin County doesn’t allow implants to be installed by a non-medical professional.

You might find this thread a little helpful:

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