Best deadbolts for xEM?

I’ve had my xEM for a month or two now and I got my dad a NeXT for Christmas and he finally installed it. So we’re looking for a deadbolt that can use our t5577 chips that’s decently secure besides that. There are 3 other people in the house so we don’t want it to be more difficult for them to get in and out just easier for us. Any suggestions would be great, thank you!

I think the best going is the Samsung 3321. BUT be warned, it requires some hacking to get it going. You basically have to roll back the firmware.

If you don’t have the skills, you might find a tec obsessed friend or another forum member who can do it for you.

Also, let the other family members know in no uncertain terms.
Resistance is Futile, You will be Assimilated. (Borg Laughter Ensues!)

But that’s nfc I need to use an xEM

Awesome present :+1:

To you


to your Dad

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also check the #reviews for some options.

you have 2 things going against you (but not insurmountable)

in my experience
“Most” standard electronic door locks are Mifare Classic compatible, plus some other HF options

“most” are battery powered and therefore more difficult to read an xSeries implant

So, not futile, but you may have a smaller lock pool to consider.

small mods may help, like accessing and relocating the antenna, and powering from mains.

You may have more luck, locking at access systems.

Let us know how you go and if you need some more help

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2 suggestions,

  1. This is a perfect excuse to buy yourself more implants lol

  2. That Samsung, someone posted on the forum the other day they did a rollback and were in theory willing to roll back for others if they mailed it to them
    Not sure if it’s the exact model

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More than happy to help with the rollback. @ChuckyCheegles PM me if you are interested. I can either try and walk you through it, or if you ship it out to me, I can knock it out pretty quickly for you.

However, I think you’re correct that it will not work with xEM. I believe it only works with high frequency, so for your Dad, it would be more than fine but would be a gamble for the xEM. As @Eriequiet said, good excuse to get yourself another implant :slight_smile:

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Like everyone else said, I’d get a NExT for door locks.
Use your xEM for other cloning purposes, cabinet locks, etc.

I’ve tried several dead bolt locks ($80-$300 range) and the Samsung has been the nicest. With most locks you have to slide your hand around for a few seconds to get a reading. The Samsung tends to open up immediately.

I’ve also successfully rolled the firmware back on a Samsung lock. It thought there were going to be issues since there always is when flashing firmware. But it worked without any problems.

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Man I wish I didn’t put an xEM in my right hand now… I have been thinking about making a home assistant capable reader for my xEM so that I can just have home assistant automations happen when you scan the implant. Including unlocking doors.

Why are you sad about an xem in your right hand? You know you can put an xsiid or the like in the same hand as long as they’re 5mm apart right?(and the frequencies won’t interfere with each other)

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I’m curious as well. I have a NExT in position 4 of my left hand. I’m implanting an xSIID and xEM in a week and I’m trying to decide where I want them. I was thinking about putting the xEM in my right hand.

Because there’s no professionals around me willing to do it so I have to self install all my implants and it’s pretty hard for me to find my xEM so I doubt I will get that install done safely.