Best implant for Crypto Seed Storage


About to place an order for my first implant, Reading through the posts I have been unable to find an answer.

What is the best chip to purchase for storing crypto seeds?
How many 24 word seeds can you store?
Can you password protect?
Cost is not an option and would prefer a chip that can also carry out other functions in the future should I require,
What is the best chip.
Sorry if this has been asked before.

Read the whole thread, but if we are talking future, I think this is still your best bet.

Whilst further things are getting developed, you can use the NDEF options to store your seed phrases.

The size / will depend on the “partition” you choose.
But PLENTY would be the answer

I couldn’t resist.
The apex has a max NDEF storage of 32725 bytes
Let’s reserve 50 bytes for NDEF headers and whatever
24* (5 letter average word) = 130
32675 / 130 ~= 251 seeds very approximately

I’m sure you could fit double with compression. Also valid words for phrases are part of a finite and relatively short dictionary (2048 afaik) that’s publicly available so there’s a looot to do compression wise!

Thanks for your reply

Is that the VivoKey Apex Flex?

All Apex’s (flex/mega/spectrum) have the same exact chip, they just differ in antena size. So yes :wink:

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Ordered the Apex Flex


Hello All

Received and installed the Apex Flex

I want to install a seed code, can anyone explain the process.
I worked out how to add it as NFC Text but is there a way to encrypt it before I write it to the chip or password protect that partition on the chip,
I have the crypto installed on a Ledger Hardware wallet but want to carry the seed phrase on me.

Thanks in advance

You could try BioCom

I haven’t tried for a while,
@hoker might have a how to :man_shrugging:

But something like this

Then write the NDEF record

Thanks Pilgrimsmaster

Will have a play around with that option.

Appreciate your comments

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