Best reader for Apex Flex / flexSecure

Which is the best reader for these implants in point of connection stability, range and uncritical read-position?

the acr122u is pretty great but the company ACS doesn’t make it anymore, and the ones you find online now are knockoffs that are kind of terrible.

you could try the acr1252u which is the successor, but performance is slightly worse than the original acr122u… still plenty good though.

this is not going to be likely to find because the shape of the apex flex is long and narrow, so there will always be an orientation consideration. the acr1252u does have a very distinct way that it gets good reads though, easy to get scans once you understand the orientation and position.


there is technically an option for an apex mega which is a circular antenna shape that is 22mm in diameter. that will get rid of the orientation issue, but it’s not available on the store right now.


The DL533R is pretty great. Removing the cover makes it even better. I covered the board with heat shrink.

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I would kill to have the apex manager use the acr122

No killing necessary!

But requires android or wsa on windows

Hmm… boo…

I was thinking more for my phone solution as the apex manager is incredibly finicky with acessing the card reader on my phone (samsung fold v3.)

It would be awesome on my computer but that looks like we are blocked for that route right now

Hmm it probably would be technically possible to integrate direct support for the acr122u into apex manager but it would admittedly be a small number of people who would actually use it in this way when an acr122u connected to their phones.

Ya probably just me. I can deal with my finicky phone or get off my ass and figure out a solution.

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