Bestes RFID tool newby

Looking for the best tool for beginners to clone and emulate RFID tags, for example RFID mifare desfire ev2 or 125kHz tags.
Is the china device x100 or XIXEI X7 from Aliexpress good?

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Hello and welcome!

Not gonna happen, sorry

Can definitely happen, most of those are fairly simple to clone and emulate

I’m not familiar with those readers, have you looked into something like a proxmark3?

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I have not tried either, but I can see why you would be considering them.

Best is subjective.

They might be fine, but a couple of things.

Exactly as Aox said above

They will probably be easy to use

They will probably write a password to the tags

They will probably be fine if thats all you want to do.

They will probably do what you want, but with some limitations.

This is probably going to be your best bet.
But the learning and setup will be more involved.
But we can help you through that.

Can you elaborate on what exactly you are wanting to achieve?

This gives us a good starting point to help you, but its pretty generic, can you tell us exactly what you are wanting to achieve?

Do you have more specifics on the tags?

Most people want to either clone OR emulate.
Not normally both.


Thank you very much for the friendly help.
I would like to familiarize myself a little with the material and, for example, copy and emulate access RFID cards, I would also like to decode a little and deal with electrical access systems.

I know the Proxmark3 but don’t know if it is better than the two tools mentioned, can I also buy the Proxmark3 on Aliexpress (clone version)?!EUR!111.67!29.50!!!842.81!222.67!%402103244617145665270476072eb8fa!12000033859899880!sea!AT!0!AB&curPageLogUid=TjgPT11bKHrp&utparam-url=scene%3Asearch|query_from%3A

i forgot my lab coat at home but.
if you mean better as in easier to use than proxmark3 probably yes/not shure.
if you mean more capable than proxmark3 probably not

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If you are just getting started I would strongly recommend getting the Proxmark Easy from Dangerous Things. It comes pre-loaded with a stable (if older) version of the Iceman firmware, which has a ton of built-in utilities for scanning and cloning (it is easy to update to the newest firmware too). There are also some very good guides and an active community of other Easy users to help. That and an RFID Card Pack will be all you need to get started. The only other thing you might want is a field detector.

The card pack includes a single T5577 card, which can be used to emulate most 125 kHz access control chips. Depending on the exact type, there’s a good chance the Iceman firmware has a direct clone command for it. The other cards in the pack are for 13.56 MHz systems. The two Magic Mifare cards can be used to clone many Mifare chips, but it isn’t as simple as cloning 125 kHz cards. The Proxmark3 can be used for both Magic Gen1 and Magic Gen2, but it is a lot easier to program Magic Gen2 using an Android phone.

I’ve heard mixed things from the various Proxmark’s on Aliexpress. If you do go down that route, then I would still recommend flashing it with the Iceman firmware.


As I noob myself I agree with GrimEcho. I would spend the extra money and get an original Flipper0 and/or a Proxmark3 from DT. You can spend a lot of time and money on seemingly cheaper readers on AliExpress only to discover that you would have saved money by buying the right tool at the start.
You can work your way up:

  • use your phone to configure NTAG-based implants.
  • Flipper0 gives you some control over both High and Low frequency implants and is easy to use
  • Proxmark3 gives you the most control but it has a steep learning curve for a beginner. A process made much harder if the hardware and software are not 100% reliable.

Having bought a couple of cheap but useless “blue readers” and struggled to learn how to use the Proxmark3 I would strongly advise getting the best equipment you can afford.
If you do go down the Proxmark route, the members of this forum and Iceman’s Discourse server are both full of help and information.


I am going to echo the above.

Take what i say with a grain of salt but purchase your PM3 from Dangerous Things instead of Aliexpress.

The Aliexpress lots are cheap for a reason. Ive struggled with my PM3x for at least a year now due to weird firmware and other issues. DT sells them with the Iceman firmware already installed and takes a lot of the pain away. that pain is immense and worth the cost.

And then the Flipper Zero is honestly a great option if it is available to you. Much more than just an RFID tool it can do a lot more.


We also resolder ports on the proxmark3 to ensure they don’t literally rip out… something those AliExpress units tend to do pretty regularly.


Thank you, i will buy the PM3.

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