Biohacking Acceptance

This may be mildly off topic for this forum, but it seemed topical enough to at least make a thread to discuss. Something that I’ve noticed recently is a lot more acceptance of biohacking in general, where instead of being worried or threatened by the idea of chipping oneself, they find it a lot more interesting and feasible. This really seemed apparent to me recently, despite having had an interest in the prospect of biohacking, I hadn’t implanted anything up until a few weeks ago, which I expected a fair amount of my peers at university to think was strange. While my relatives definitely had that reaction, I was surprised by the interest that other students showed, to the extent I actually got interviewed by my university newspaper, showing off the use of implants and discussing the possible future and possibility of implants becoming mainstream. Essentially, it motivated me to make this topic, to see if anybody else has seen similar trends in the acceptance of biohacking, and to see where other people in the community felt biohacking could go in the near future.


Since implanting my first chip in 2005, I’ve seen a steady “coming around” to the idea. The wave is here… when it crests is anyone’s guess.


I guess acceptance varies quite a bit in-between age groups and cultural backgrounds as well. In Europe, chips are more often seen in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, societies which tend to be more liberal. In Germany, where shops will often not even accept credit cards, nor mobile payments, implants are not common at all. It’s still a long way to go here.

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We’re breaking ground in Germany though! In partnership with our German distributor Digiwell, Sparda bank is now offering free chip implants and digital door locks for new mortgage customers!


We’re breaking ground in Germany though!

Nice ad, although I feel those 75% downvotes do represent the level of acceptance quite well.
Anyway, that should not stop us from using this technology :wink:

I told the folks I work with that I would be getting chips implanted and, while they still reacted with some surprise, it wasn’t an overly negative reaction. More one of asking what it can do and finding it interesting.

The downvotes are from youtube as a whole though. The video isn’t locked to German viewers, in which case, many of the downvotes could be coming from anywhere and probably a lot to do with that fact that there are men dressed as women in the video, sadly.