Biohacking Food and Drinks

Hi community,

was not sure if that would be an interesting topic as well but wants to have an exchange about experience in that area.

My question, anybody experiences with bulletproof drinks?

Hey, any drink that makes you bulletproof ill be happy to try.




You know that drunk?





What’s happening?



Unfortunately I dont drink butter coffee.




ok i’m done… i’ve been working on patent nonsense all morning and my brain is fried.

I think biohacking diet in any form is interesting but ultimately i haven’t seen any actual significant studies done on the effects of dietary biohacking… it’s all been anecdotal. the other thing about dietary biohacking is that humans tend operate waaaay outside any concept of “controlled conditions”.

i once did some biohacking consulting for Colegate and actually, i learned something shocking from them… Colegate has built a whole biomedical industry around specialty pet foods. in lab conditions they can treat a huge range of diseases in cats and dogs, but they continually fail to bridge the gap to humans. the reason - you can force cats and dogs to only eat what you give them, when you give it to them. maintaining this tight control on what goes into their mouths and when is the key to addressing a huge amount of disease conditions… but people won’t do that. they will fail at every turn to maintain the required dietary input and schedule.

i guess that was just a side note… my point about dietary biohacking is this - nobody has forced humans into lab conditions along with a control group like a lab animal, modified their diet, and maintained a strict testing regimen for blood, markers, etc. without this data, maybe it’s dumbo’s feather … someone is drinking special coffee so they commit to overall better decisions which cumulatively result in the desired outcome… it’s impossible to tell because people are not lab animals.


Also called “nutrition”.

Before: Avoid jerusalem artichokes: they make you fart like a trooper.
Now: Upgrade your body into a biogas generator.

Before: Honey in warm milk with a drop of whisky releaves common cold symptoms.
Now: Drink to tone down your nocireceptors.

Before: Eat less greasy and sugary foods to lose weight.
Now: Learn to control your interaction with gravity.

Before: Avoid coffee before bedtime to sleep better.
Now: Internal recharging mechanism boosting technique.

What a fucking joke… I’m surprised serious resellers like Digiwell play into that space. But hey, I guess there’s nothing wrong with extracting money from fools.


I invented a great biohacking drink for ultralight camping: it’s called “powdered water”. When you’re thirsty, just add water!


:raised_hand: I tried!
Bulletproof coffee… didn’t work for me, and it tasted terrible.


Coffee generally doesn’t work for me.
A few days of buzz :crazy_face:, but then I need to drink it just to avoid the withdraw symptoms :relieved:, rather then feeling the umpf.

I tried high doses of Vit-C: the first shot, and you like :eyes:… until u get used to.


It makes me alert for a few minutes, but then it just chases the :poop: out of me…literally.
It really helps in metabolising glucose, so if you have a lucozade with a heaped teaspoon of Vit-C in the morning you can skip coffee, that’ll get you out of bed. If for whatever reason you decide to have your morning brew anyways I strongly suggest consuming it in the bathroom.

Tried keto: 3-4 weeks was fantastic, but then again… got bored, got used to, got fed up with.


I would suggest this diet to try maybe once every year, because it really made me feel better and more conscious about what I put in my body… however, I feel it could be true with any restrictive diet.

I tried plant based diet and I felt terrible from day 1… didn’t work for me.

I also tried making my own morning blend without significant effect…


using the variation of:
banana, oat milk, peanut butter, egg, coffee, fruits, creatine, vit-c, nuts, avocado, honey, glucose, chocolate, cacao nibs, and whatnot… Some of the combos are tasty, some of them are yak… To be honest, it was more like an interesting morning routine, rather than a useful thing.

Overall I join the others and declare biohacking food / bulletproof diet a scam.
Unless you want to call general wisdoms biohacking: such as drink enough water, exercise, have balanced diet, sleep well.

You know what…
Whenever I see things like bulletproof coffee, I can’t help but to think of the Irony surrounding Linus Pauling.

also… @anon3825968, you got me cackling for a good 10 minute here!! :rofl:


No, but in all seriousness, I feel like DT forums in really more exclusively grinder side of Biohacking, I have my thoughts on “diet based biohacking” but I am not opposed to the idea of bettering yourself via food/light whatever but it really just feels like a fancy name for nutrition (like obviously, Vit-c is gonna be good for you Or yea of course sunlight will help with mood, that’s just basic bio)

If you really like the theoretical/diet side of biohacking then R/Biohacking is for you.


No, no please! I’m the r/biohackers mod!! Ive been not so great at keeping up with my duties, but please don’t send the bulletproof people there!! Hahaha. Mostly joking. I got ownership a while back and after trying in vain to clean it up I really got burnt out. Im actually in the process of starting things again, so anyone that has the tenacity and patience to help mod a bunch of Dave Asprey fan boys and help me restore logic over there please dm me! Seriously!


Not wondering why.
Every now and then there is a “new” thing that promises the philosopher’s stone…. for a little fee.


Nowadays it’s turmeric: Have yellow latte :yellow_circle:.
Salmon + avocado + asparagus throuhg out the twenty-teens.
Chia seed popped up at around 201? in the mainstream.
Watermelon-viagra is among the honourable mentions.
The omeaga-3 prison experiment is better known as well.
My personal WTF FACEPALM is organic paleo diet with “himalayan” salt.
Vegan and gluten free option is a MUST on a menĂĽ, otherwise you can loose significant business.

If there is such as science-fiction there must be science-fashion-fiction for those who prefer keeping trendy. :vulcan_salute::nerd_face:


I mean, turmeric lattes are fucking delicious, but I don’t think they’re gonna cure my cancer

Ok got it nobody wants to use it or has bad experience. Was only a question about That