Blue Cloner Woes

Yeah great plan, Just remember your NExT will need to be in EM mode, ( Which it comes from the factory ) so if you can enrol it, you obviously, haven’t bricked it or written to it as an HID.

You don’t have to do the mod like Myself or Rosco to get a good read/write it just helps.

I would recommenced for now you just wait to see your results from you xAC test.

Try to enrol your NExT to the xAC if it works, just hold off writing until you can mod your cloner

Alternatively, You could also try reading an xAC tag with the blue cloner and write that to your NExT ( 2 beeps on read, 2 beeps on Write )
Either way will confirm you haven’t “bricked” your NExT ( Remember, there is a good chance it is fine, and even if you have, there is a good chance it can be recovered, with a ProxMark )


Actually 2 beeps is em… 3 beeps is hid or awid

Ah, yes, I missed that post, must have been whilst I was replying to the previous one.
Hence my answer later

My bad, just double-checked it and it’s 3 beeps.

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Ended up not being able to find a 12VDC 1A charger to deconstruct— I know I have a few hiding somewhere— so I’ve ordered a cheap one from Amazon. Should be here Tuesday.

Good to hear, just my luck if I have bricked my chip on my birthday. Everyone’s all around here happy and shit and I’m just like “I’m going to have to cut this thing out won’t I :flushed::cold_sweat:

You’ll be alright Mate, the odds are in your favour.


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Thank you!

Hi all,
Quick update. I wired up the good ol xACv2, got it powered using my trusty Arduino (basically didn’t want to cut the 9v to barrel adapter power supply), and wired in the same setup that @amal had in his YT video but with a resistor and LED to signal it was working.

Then I got it setup with the add and clear as Amal did in the video. Went to add my NEXT as an entry, and got a rapidly-blinking (sometimes solid) green light. Tried it with my (HID not EM) ID, same thing. Tried it with the T5577 fobs (at least I think they are T5577) I ordered, same thing. Tried it with my mom’s gym pass, same thing.

So, I concluded that if the ID, gym pass and fobs are not accepted by the xAC, then they are not EM. I also know that they yield the same solid green light as my chip does when I try to add it to the xAC.
Of course I just realized the three beeps on the cloner copying my ID and gym pass confirms it’s HID for sure (duh).

Anyways, am I correct in assuming this means either my chip is definitely bricked, OR it’s successfully converted to the HID UID of my ID? Is there a middle level of f*cked where it’s both HID and bricked?

Attached is a pic of my setup. Pardon the mess.

Just quickly looking at your set up (I haven’t done any calculations) but a 9V battery to power uno AND xAC may be a little light

I know the xAC says 9-12V .
xAC = * Draws 60mA idle, 102mA while relay is active
I would make a slight change to your set up.

Get rid of the uno, attach the bare wires to a 12 V supply, and put in a 12V lamp / LED as a load on the output but the onboard LEDs should be good enough for testing

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from this test procedure it’s difficult to know exactly what state the NExT is in at this point, but it was definitely altered from factory EM settings.

no not really… what you are doing is changing the T5577’s analog front end to work like an HID card does, and updating the memory where the ID lives to match your HID card… if the analog front end bits were diddled wrong because of a page tear during the write attempt, the T5577 is going to have a hard time talking. In this case, the proxmark3 is the only thing that can really have a chance of fixing it, because you will probably need to engage some test mode commands and force it to correct the configuration.

Because the blue cloner will not talk to it at all now, this is the most likely state, and you will need to get a proxmark3 involved.

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Gotcha, I have the 12V 1A supply coming today, just figured I’d try with the 9V.

:sob::sob::sob: alright, time to hop on Alibaba… thanks for the input. I’ll definitely be posting again when I get the PM3Easy, but will keep y’all updated.

I was so careful! Just my luck.


Was definitely worth a try, also that might not be the issue.

Trusted source FYI


Oof, I just ordered the KKmoon Proxmark off of amazon for $50 :grimacing: This one should get here on Friday, looks like Alibaba’s lead times are out 1-2 months so I consider the extra $20 to be worth it I guess

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OK guys, quick update. Got my 12V 1A power supply in and hooked up with the Arduino out of the equation, and nothing changed chip-wise… although the xAC seemed happier with more juice.
Sigh, guess I’ll need to learn the Ways of the Proxmark this weekend or next week. Before I make a whole new post about it, do you all think forum members would be responsive to the concept of a zoom call for me to get sort of walked through the process? I’d compensate for time via cashapp or paypal or whatever, just don’t know how well-received the concept would be.

Thanks again for the help on this, it means a lot. Learning the hard way, but I’m learning. Just wished I hadn’t spent the $40 on the blue cloner (but it’s 100% my fault for messing it up in the first place)

Depending on your background your learning curve will vary.
There are many good step by step tutorials.
Just find the appropriate one for your OS.

Let us know on here what OS you are using, and we should be able to direct you to a suitable one.

If you really need it, I’m sure there will be a few that are willing and able.

There are also plenty of threads on here, but easy to get lost in them

I can’t speak for everybody, but I think this community is more community minded and payment wouldn’t be accepted, maybe just
the offer of a beer :beers: if you ever meet in real life.

Hmmm, Still a handy bit of kit in theory, you just need to be aware of its limitations.

When you get your Proxmark and you are all set up and running.
Hopefully this guide will help you out.
Please let me know if you spot any mistakes or omissions

When you get the PM3Easy in let us know and we can hop on the Discord. It supports video calls and there’s already a channel in place. We have a few proxmark wizards on there (including Iceman) who would be more than happy to help get you started.

Normally I would say go play around an learn yourself for a bit before you start asking people questions, but the Proxmark can be a really challenging tool. You need to update the firmware and learn some basic commands like hw tune before you can do anything. It might be wise to chat with people before you try anything with your implant.

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When you get the proxmark, just hop on Discord. We’ll get you taken care of. If you get the easy, make sure it’s the 512 model, not the 256.

I just checked the Amazon link, and yep, he got the 512, so that is a good start :+1:

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I doubt it with the security concerns of it, if you head onto the discord multiple people there including myself use vc and can use cams to.


Will do, thank you! Didn’t know there was a Discord, that’s awesome to hear.

THE Iceman?? That’s awesome!

Finally I’ve done something right :sweat_smile:

Alright, thanks again for the help y’all. Ordered some EM tags too so I can start experimenting with my first project, a modular weapons mounting system.
Will let y’all know when the proxmark arrives.