Body mod needed Bromley UK (BR1)

anybody available in the Bromley (BR1) area UK?
i need somebody to implant my Titan for me.

anglefacejewlery in ramsbottom is a godsend for UK implantees

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i cant travel that far. but thank you for the tip, i’ll bear that in mind if i ever go to mancs <3

This may be a bit closer, or at the least, a starting point for you.
I even included directions for you.
You are Welcome

Let us know if you don’t have any luck, I/we could probably give you a couple more suggestions.

yeah i spoke with interskin a few times, they only do preloaded needles


Well, I was going to suggest check the Walletmor partner map, but It doesnt appear to be working at the moment ( on my 2 devices at least )

Maybe try that one later’

alternatively, you might have to hit the streets of your local piercers

here’s a suggestion of how to

It is based on xSeries, but some good transferrable suggestions

Otherwise, you may need to reconsider Equipters suggestion.
How far are you willing to travel?
Devilclarke is in Bristol and he may have a “local” suggestion you.

There is one/ two London based person(s) that may be able to help you (install) , but I don’t want to throw them under the bus, so hopefully one or both of them may see this post and offer their services.

oh cool. the advice is much appreciated, thank you <3

as for travel, due to health issues, traveling is very tricky and expensive, so i cant really get out of the bromley/catford/lewisham area. its a pickle for sure.

great now i want pickles lol.

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