Book recommendation thread

More was never enough

Just finished the Leviathan series, interesting take on WW1, genetically manipulated beasts (darwinists) vs industrialism (clankers) Steampunk dystopian past.


i’m an avid reader too, and use a kindle. here are the most recent books I’ve read(3 months)
The shining
doctor sleep
the outsider
the pet semetary
the girl who loved tom gordon
the long walk
different seasons
full dark, no stars
the dead zone
the stand
the cell
as you can tell, I read quite a bit of Stephen king(trying to get through all of his books by next year, probably earlier)


If you like Stephen king you may like “Imaginary Friend” by Stephen Chbosky (he wrote perks of being a wallflower but this book is 100% a 360 from that, he went from a teen coming of age book to horror and he did it well)

Be warned it is 705 pages long.

Also, love My Ereader! makes everything a lot easier

thanks! will add to reading list.
I love my kindle(most recent paperwhite), which reader do you have?

Kobo Clara HD (Used to have a Glo but sadly I broke it after tripping XD)

I stick with kobo just for the easy modding you can do to them and the pirating of books (shhhhh)
Amazon has really great products tho, and I am a continuous user of audible

i kinda (sometimes) have to pirate books too because the prices are… out of budget.(I don’t get too much every year, ~$50au and I don’t want to blow 1/4 of my budget on 1 ebook)

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btw, is a good place to get some books.

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As an avid Stephen King reader myself I’m a little disappointed that I see no dark tower series books here lol. Its a great series you should check it out.

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned this book in the thread yet…
RFID Toys by @amal


These are more my speed

giphy (32)

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I’m reading them right now! Did not mention because not done yet, but I’m 80% through the first one.


Awesome, I don’t want to give away the ending, but don’t worry; pinkie pie :pie: and Rainbow dash :rainbow: become friends again :wink:


Lol my wife and I have read through that series 2 or 3 times. You should also check out eyes of the dragon by king for some reason its one of my favorite books.

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

Haven’t read it in many years, but that sentence is a master’s class in how to start a story.


If you want to avoid pirating books …|||1|||0|||true&dt=list
Don’t know if the Libby app works in NSW but if so you can download ebooks and audio books from the library.

OK to actually answer the original question:
If you want something strange and dystopian, look for Dahlgren by Samuel R Delany
Brent Weeks is a great fantasy writer I love his Night Angel trilogy.
The wheel of time, long series
The magicians by Lev Grossman

A lot of these are YA, but still great reads!
Airborn trilogy. About alternate history if the hindenburg didn’t crash
Gregor the overlander
The well world series and the sequel series
Next by Michael Crichton
Digital fortress
I’ll add more later

yeah, it only works in america. I will try it with my VPN though.

it works here.