Bounty to Fry an HF Implant

Hello All,

So I’ve already set a few forum members on this task through the years, but I’d likely to formally put forward this bounty.

Make a High Frequency (13.56MHz) implant non-functional using electromagnetic radiation (without compromising the encapsulation). Provide video or pictures and describe the source.

$100USD (or equivalent)
Any currently available x-series implant

Take note that the bounty does not apply to to Low Frequency (125kHz) implants. The LF xLED is relatively easy to fry with a Qi charger. While the T5577 doesn’t seem as easily susceptible, there has yet to be thorough testing. If you would like to pursue LF EMI testing, DM me.


I also wanted to clarify that no one should be performing this testing inside their own body (unless it’s accidental). Plenty of people have had implants removed and have them lying around, and even a HF field detector would be a suitable target (but not the diagnostic card)

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If anyone wants an hf to test, I am like 80% sure I have an extra one at home I never put it. They don’t talk with any HF scanners I use at work

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I’m assuming I can’t just wire up a 13.56MHz coil to a 1000w amp / sig gen …


Get out of my head right now!

Well, I had a slightly better idea…

The fact this bounty exists is calming.


You can do whatever you deem necessary. I’d even accept an NFCKill, because I know lots of people are afraid of those.

If the bounty is collected by one person, I will publicly disclose the nature of their EMI, and renew the bounty for any novel sources.

A flex would hypothetically be easier to fry than x-series, but they’re harder to come by.


i just fryed a xled field tester but my fuckn cam died

and it was my only one

edit: it actually recorded most of it :slight_smile:

the em field always stopped my recordings



Did you microwave it :sweat_smile:

So we have our first completed bounty!

mrln used this HV boost converter device to create a spark gap that was so noisy in the EM spectrum that it fried not only an HF field detector, but a third party NTAG216 glassie

s-l400 (2)

Here is several pieces of video evidence they submitted

I will dispurse the bounty reward to @mrln in whatever format they prefer, and renew it for any other forum members who can do so with a method other than the spark gap created by a chinesium high voltage boost converter.


Mrln right now



I burned another one. with a Microwave. Video is uploading.


I didn’t specify this so I’m sorry to renig on our agreement, but I feel less bad because I still haven’t even shipped your first reward.

If there’s no possible way that the implant could be fried under these condition inside a body then it shouldn’t count. The goal of the bounty is to put biohackers at ease. Your flesh would attenuate microwaves too much, and even if it didn’t you would be forced to pull your arm out of the machine minutes before it disabled the implant because of the sheer damage it would cause.


That’s why I stopped my cooktop experiment. I was surprised to see it glow, thought that only works for LF. The ink on the xFD paper started melting… you don’t leave your hand there for 5minutes. I think it did a little damage to the LED but maybe only after doing it hundrets of times it would be like that in real life.

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Fixed it for ya.

im guessing this doesnt count? <please count please count< it works in skin too which was a factor!

its an nfckill with 8 seconds of exposure not tested on skin but theory states it should work gonna get some pork and try it at some point


That counts, second completed bounty!

@Ragebolus I’ll DM you about a reward.

I’ll renew the bounty for any other forum members who can do so with a novel method.

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I have an idea… but I need to talk to a guy

I may need to check with you about suitable flesh analog

Just checking also, only interested in em failures?

Here I was hoping to claim the reward by the novel use of a cast iron skillet and some grease to literally fry an implant. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: then you went and said I had to use EM pulses.