Bounty to Fry an HF Implant

You’ll have to talk to Amal for anything beyond that. This is a personal pursuit for me and I’m only interested in EMI


IIRC, brown sugar can be used.


I just fried a hf field detector with an induction coil. Turns out my cheap ZVS driver’s induction coil can act like an air-core transformer by coupling with the coil of the hf field detector.

Edit: Resonance is unlikely. I am not an expert. :sweat_smile:



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I’m shocked it got that bright before burning out, interesting… I’ve burnt a few LF ones out with non-compliant Qi chargers, but they never really got bright. They did a flash at normal brightness then died.


I managed to find the exact frame my hf field detector stopped working. I hope this counts, cause that was my only High Frequency xSeries field detector. :sweat_smile:

I would be more than willing to try an actual xSeries implant (if there would be a difference), but I cannot afford the hopefully destructive testing and I will not volunteer any of my own implants.

I was shocked too, my theory was that I could melt the solder inside or something along those lines, I did not expect to turn it on.

The point is, we didn’t know exactly where to draw the line.

I always wondered why there are only “passed” tests in the “tests we performed” thread. Now we know what you acually need to do to fry one. It’s more data and probably calming for a lot of people that mrln needs seconds of loud zapping to kill an implant.

Next I’d like to know what you need to do so it breaks inside you but that’s not Satur9s goal rn.

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I just wanted to see what common devices people could come up with that will actually be powerful enough to fry an implant. Concrete documented evidence is always better than hearsay, and I’m willing to pay for it :sweat_smile:. I’m definitely not implying that they’re indestructible (as evidenced by all the successful attempts)


And we have our third completed bounty!

@AbbottSmith I’ll DM you for reward details later when it’s not 0400 here

I’ll renew the bounty for any other forum members who can do so with a novel method.

I’d also appreciate it if they were situations that an implantee might actually encounter in the wild (like all three so far have been). Not a requirement though.


NFCKILL on my blue xsiid implanted for science to see how the skin dissipates the emf?


I say no personally.

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I’m 99.9% sure it’s a joke.

lol no. andy is going to do that :stuck_out_tongue:


I would believe they would do it. They’re a a madlad


Would that qualify for a replacement from Amal?

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You’d have to ask him. Hey @amal if ragebolus NFCKills their xSIID in their hand to share with us if it’s possible will you send them a replacement? They’re in the UK

I wouldn’t blame him if not. Malicious self destruction of your implant is certainly not a “manufacturing defect”


I’d say we could offer a 50% discount on a replacement?


lol amazing!


If he wants do destroy his own, that’s very dedicated in the name of Science, but 100% outside the warranty.

I would have expected a NO also.

If Amal wanted to know, I imagine he would put a xSIID :blinky_blue: in a piece of Chicken or pork or brown sugar… mmmmm BBQ…


Sorry, I got distracted; but wouldn’t you know it, Amal being Amal

Above and beyond :+1:


I’m having struggles getting what I need to do my test

I was going to put a (Chinesium) glass transponder in a chicken breast or something and hit it with a stun gun

Obviously glass insulates, but that arc is fairly intense and rapid, I wondered if the arc would put out enough EM to mess the chip up

This is what I get for being such a vocal proponent of stun guns are garbage, nobody has one I can borrow, and buying one in my state is iffy as they aren’t technically legal… even though they are super common and rarely reprimanded

I’ve got one guy that has one, but he’s on the other side of the state so I can’t get it from him for a bit

If someone has the means to test and wants to do so, it means I won’t have to, but it’s going to happen either way lol

I’m also curious to try shorting 120ac and 12/24dc but I doubt either of those will do anything since it’s insulated against actual conduction

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I think you can rig a disposable camera to arc. Idk. Stun guns are garbage. I agree. At least the civilian versions.