Bounty to Fry an HF Implant

Incase you werent aware
What @mrln used ( High-voltage converter ) is basically a “homemade” stungun…Very simple to make with just a couple more parts.


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I didn’t actually catch all of mrln’s example

Was it a repeating arc or just a single?

I wanted to test range and slowly work towards the transponder in between reads

I was just looking at it as a more common thing than a custom built implant killer

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That sounds a little more scientific,

If you opened up a stun gun, thats basically what you would find
but you would have to ask Satur9 if that would be considered an original bounty.

I would say that is not a distinct bounty. The mechanism of action is exactly the same as mrln’s. Sorry

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May not be proper science but I like data :slight_smile:

it’s semi in my wheel house of personal defense stuff, and honestly the video will look waay more dramatic lol
Say what you will about them really not working
… but stun guns are capable of making this noise than really makes your ass pucker

I wouldn’t say no to a new Xsiid, but I just think this sounds fun either way

I suppose…
I guess the reward will just be crazy shenanigans with a stun gun

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Yeah, I thought so, I was trying to save Eriequiet some time,money and effort by replicating the test :+1:

Well at least aware of the validity anyway

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Unfortunately I no longer have access to a synchrotron. I suspect putting an implant directly in a high powered electron beam would not be too good for it.

Although this probably doesn’t count on grounds of practicality (you can’t exactly carry a synchrotron around with you) or application (just stick your arm through this hole in the shielding wall please. Ignore the radiation warning signs).

I suppose I do have another thing I can try,

But I still will use the stun gun when I can get my hands on it

oh no i dont want/need a replacement 0or discount. if I do it its on my own shoulders, I have a plan to remove it anyway so I’m gonna try it


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I used this stepup converter to charge camera flash capacitors


A circuit breaker to short the capacitors to the coil


This is the coil


The tuning of the coil took ages because i dont have equipment to measure the resonance so i had to calculate how a spool with x dimension would behave and then wind it like that - and then it didnt worked for a long time because i could just not verify how the tuning is…

in the end it worked out and i was able to zapp two glass chips with it

the capacitors were just shorted to the coil after charged.
i burned through a whole lot of switches until i had the idea to use a circuit breaker for it.
based off my calculations the coil had a resonance of 14mhz but in the end i had no way of measuring it so i cant know.

after sending my results to satur9 it told me that my coil had probably 10000x too much inductance but it worked anyway :sweat_smile:

This one inspired me


That’s awesome.

And we have our fourth completed bounty!

I’ll sort out another reward with mrln since I already sent them an xG3v2 and shipping overseas is no joke.

I’ll renew the bounty for any other forum members who can do so with a novel method. Raw LC Tank resonators like this are officially off the table though.

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Hi, so i don’t know, if anyone tried that yet and also have nothing here at the moment to test it by myself, but this Idea just came to my mind: what if you just put them on one of these iduction cooking pot heaters (i have absolutely no idea how they are called in english, picture attatched) and turned it up to max?

I’ve tried xFDs and no luck
can burn out LF LED after a while tho

Oh, bruh, i’m an idiot xD
Sorry then :sweat_smile:

I guess I could bypass the microwave door safety switch, and run it with my hand inside…

But i guess then you would have bigger problems, than your implant breaking xD


There must be a point where I can cook my hand and have it heal/recover. And also a point where it causes irreversible damage.

Cooking implies protein folding which is irreversible.


Ok, but is it replaceable? Cells die and get replaced all the time.